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Screen Of the Day on 06/17/2011
  • JaJeJJ

    nice =)

  • truskymx

    Thats awesome.

  • Peachanan

    Very unique!

  • blakemitchell


  • wickedmaks


  • K_Dotty

    One of the best iv seen so far

  • noproop

    Creative one :)

  • Supercharged

    Could I ask how you put the icons on the homescreen? They’re not images on the wallpaper, as they’re different per screen. If I try and add an icon that size to the homescreen it won’t let it show, as the dimensions are all wrong probably. Thanks!

    *edit: Found it, Desktop VisualizeR. Should’ve known.

  • NxtGenCowboy

    Bad ass setup dude

  • kancut


  • FuNKeR

    Wish I had an Android phone to experiment with ;o)

  • WootRoot

    Great job

  • pottertaker

    Where I can find more of that icons style??? Thanks

  • fey_sick

    How to download????

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  • TYL3R

    Very nice!

  • MrOGsonic

    The download for the files don’t seem to work.
    I download it, and when I try using it with desktop visualizr it doesn’t show the picture….
    Any advice?

    I figured it out. The download link doesn’t come with the “phone” icon…

  • POQbum

    really great job with this

  • ynnek85

    this is damn cool!

  • Sharxx47

    how to adjust the icon size on the homescreen. Mine are very small :/ . I even enlarged them but still they remain the same :(… and AMAZING WORK MAN! One of the best

  • Sharxx47

    edit: found it. Just select desktop visualizer from homescreen according to the size you want and voila. :)

  • mfadzil

    This is awesome man!

  • Matthewscottk

    I recently just got into comic books. What a wonderful theme!

  • wywern

    How to adjust the wallpaper to be like 3 pics with exactly adjustment (I can see the page separations when move from 1 page to another) like this?

  • omgitswes

    This is great. It’s missing the phone icon in the download though.
    Anywhere I can find it?

  • juppcamper

    really great! love comics in general, so it’s just normal i like it. ;)

  • Bazil

    Where I can find more of that icons?

  • Harry

    Can you make some more icons?? thats awesome!

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  • Shenaniganry

    I realize a little late to the party, but, could you possibly respond with what all applications it took to construct this masterpiece? It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • q5765_60033

    Very Great Job!! btw, can you share the whole set of icons? ‘coz we cannot find the phone and other icons in your download link…what a pity :(

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  • zxcvb12345

    yeah, maybe a .psd and a font? =)

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  • Silfo

    Ignorante en el asunto… cómo logro que quede así?, no sólo la imagen, los widgets…

  • kilometer

    know what? you re briliant, my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hosoi

    how can i install it on my galaxy S2 phone ? plez help ?

  • warren

    How do I make the whole picture my wallpaper it will only let me make one part the wallpaper

  • cmac2796


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  • Cescon

    Can anyone please tell me how to get this on my phone. (I’m a noob, i know)

  • dsainsia

    my favorite!

  • raulmesa

    phone icon isn’t present at related files zip forlder… could you please provide it? Thx!!!

  • kroustibat

    did someone know where can we find other icons png like that ?

  • cgadgetz

    That’s pretty badass man nice job!

  • mario_1603


  • vicoseve

    as I download it?

  • Pansilu17

    You should reply man.

  • CKazior

    does anybody know what font is used for the icons ???

  • faseeh_rehman

    @CKazior roboto

  • JonathanCardoz

    Very Nice Setup…thanks for sharing the comic icons as well :D

  • KillerFan

    I just have one problem, i don’t know how to adjust the backround to make it look as in the example.
    I can only use a bit of the image or use it all and lose the widgets effect. Help!!

  • sukku07

    This is cool ! How do I download this .

  • adoy41

    u should add more icon such as phone and apps drawer.. im using this for homescreen

  • ibeau

    Very creative!!! nice work

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  • zeroseveneleven

    As said here before it would be nice if we could geht the “Phone” Icon too. Perhaps there is a *.psd file to create own Comic Text Icons?

  • rajaspidey

    is there any way to keep different wall papers for different home screens ??

  • superganey

    First, this theme is sick! Period. It’s by far, the best theme i’ve ver seen around here. (given the fact that i’m a marvel comics fan>.<) So I decided to create a different version based on this. I created dialogue baloons to be added as a widget, and other stuff. I'm almost done and i'll post it here on mycolorscreen as soon as i'm done with it. Hope you don't mind.:)

  • benjamingoodwin

    This is very very cool! I like it, awesome work!

  • feluipe


  • mastermime

    simply awesome!!!

  • xojuicyy

    sorry guys im new to this, just got a note2 today and i love this theme. is there anyway i can just use it?

  • pitbullx

    1 year has passed and he did not respond, not one!!
    we like more icons please.

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  • NexusFood


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  • hsn08032874

    Download the needed money.???

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  • Style

    wow the best

  • sacmat

    please can any one guide me out how can i use it on my note 2
    will be thankful if got the step by step guide

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  • ficuscucis

    FACE! BOOOK!….
    It’s awesome!

  • kjalvarizzle


  • xionius

    I like, Good job!

  • themoominator

    i cant get the wallpaper to fiy my s3 screen… have tried apex and nova… HELP!

  • FlawLezZ

    The icons for reddit, phone and astro are not in the download, do you still have a active link ?

  • Hemantsultania

    @ROMVS Not working!

  • boychampoy

    how can i get here

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Date Added: Thursday, June 16th, 2011 at 8:37 pm

Theme inspired by Marvel vs Capcom.