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  • 1ceb0x

    Oh boy. This looks so cool. Come one! A realy freakin’ idea dude!

  • ThirdWheel

    Instructions for Reddit folk:

    Step 1: Position Wallpaper so it centers as shown in the picture, I was able to do this after some trial and error with the stock wallpaper program.

    Wallpaper link:

    Step 2:

    You need ADW launcher or LauncherPro so you can set this as your dock background image:

    Dock Link:

    Step 3:

    Put the App Drawer as the center app in your dock and use this as your icon:

    App Drawer Icon:

    Step 4:

    This will be a pain in the ass if you haven’t used the app before, so if anyone knows how I can upload my configuration save from Min Text let me know and I will. Download the free Minimal Text Widget, make a custom configuration and use combinations of static text and the included battery and weather slots to make the above. I kept the default black background and transparency percentage. Use the following font:

    Diablo Font:

    Hope this helps =)

  • Peachanan

    @ThirdWheel Wow! Very detail info. Thanks for sharing it here. Very heavily themed. :)

Date Added: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 7:20 pm

If you haven’t played Diablo 2 this won’t make sense, if you have I hope you like it.