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  • HellKeeper

    Nice Dragos!!! What launcher do you use?

  • 1ceb0x

    @HellKeeper Thanks mate. Its a simple setup. Made it in 4-5 minutes. The launcher is ADW Launcher EX 1.3.3

  • HellKeeper

    Oks!! Thanks

  • 1ceb0x

    @HellKeeper No problem :)

  • rismasibehel

    I want to wallpaper

Date Added: Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Using a MIUI style analog clock and a modded mclock + miui weather widget skin from FWP (fancy widget pro). Also, the colorful bar is ‘installed’ using Desktop Visualizer.

If you want the wallpaper I can upload it for you!