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  • Roelosaurus

    Cool! Please enlighten me: how do you get the trooper-helmet in the left side of the notificationbar?

  • BuBBa

    @mario is your phone rooted? How did you change the top with the status bar, weather, battery?

  • mario0

    @Roelosaurus are you rooted? The strorm trooper is the notification icon for gmail.

  • mario0

    @BuBBa the cloud icon on the right is the connection type, right there its 4G. The cloud on the left is the widget locker notification icon. You can change them with a cm7 theme or with njnjamorph.

  • BuBBa

    cool. Thanks for the info

  • mario0

    @BuBBa no problem man :D

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Date Added: Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 at 6:45 am

CM7 with LunarUi. (Thank you fatcon)
Inspired by Peach.