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to build your own
  • Jaaay

    Hi, how did you achieve this look? Which mods?

  • 1234568

    No real mods are required for this look. Here’s what to do…

    1) Google ‘how to create icons’
    2) Make your desired icons, some with vertical text and some horizontal
    3) Use a custom launcher like ADW
    4) Change your app/folder shortcut icons to your newly-made custom icons

    If you are proficient in photoshop this is a 5 minute job. The hardest part for me was finding free software that also had beginners guides available.

    Good luck!

Date Added: Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 12:34 am

I have my 4 most commonly used apps along the bottom. All my other apps are grouped into the 6 folders up the right hand side. This keeps it easy to find any app very quicky.