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  • joshf2

    nice theme. just wondering how did you get the wallpaper like that?

  • suomaf

    that’s a custom wallpaper, did it in illustrator.

  • kilted_thrower

    I’m trying to emulate your wallpaper and running into an issue. I’m using Gimp, and when I use the 960×800, when I use multipicture live wallpaper and choose ‘show whole image’ it condensces it down so that it has about the same dimensions as a medium crop. When I choose ‘fit to fullscreen’ it cuts it off on the left side. What dimensions are you making your wallpaper and are you using show whole image or fit to fullscreen?


  • suomaf

    @kilted_thrower Try doing it this way. Take a screen shot and then drag that to your computer. Then import that into a program called inkscape. Use your screen shot as the size of your wallpaper.

    Once you are done export as bitmap. It will save it as a png and that should load just fine.

    My multipage live wallpaper settings are Fit to Fullscreen on the common and all screens follow the common. Also I just checked my picture dimensions are 480 X 800, updated the submission to include my wallpapers.

Date Added: Monday, December 12th, 2011 at 3:25 am

Was completely wow’ed by Filip’s new screens and decided to copy it for my nexus S.