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  • BongoFromCongo

    Nicely Done!!

  • Peachanan

    Very well themed. It’s been a while indeed. Welcome back. :)

  • Darksilk

    Ty peachanan, ty shouvik sen :-)

  • AT428HK

    Congratulation! Your have your own Market!

  • Darksilk

    Thanks Alex =)

  • jeffchai

    nice one!
    how do you extend the image as seen in home page?

  • Darksilk

    @Jeffchai, all you can see is the wallpaper, i made it wall with fireworks, for example, if i want to change the Opera image, i need to edit the wallpaper in my Lap then change the wallpaper on the phone.

  • sunxun


  • godfatherss

    @sunxun 我主要想知道怎么下载

  • godfatherss

    how to download?

  • steven

    @BongoFromCongo Very beautiful, but I would like to know how to download these beautiful theme

  • Darksilk

    Well, is not a theme, is ADW with wallpapers themed, i can upload the wallpapers for you all tomorrow =)

  • UncleRayRay

    how do we download it?

  • Darksilk

    Well, here you have the wallpapers guys:

    As you can see, i made the wallpapers for my favorite apps, but you can easy edit with any image editor.

  • qinqingshun
  • anomoly

    Love IU!!!

  • shadow99x

    wow, incredible idea and setup, great work

  • Darksilk

    @shadow99x thank you very much =)

Date Added: Friday, December 23rd, 2011 at 6:12 am

Since long time not modify my screens, I just made this “Market” desing. Everything icons and images were hard embedded to the wallpapers. In every screen, the Market Icon takes you to the Android Market =)

ADW Launcher
Desktop Visualizer
Folder Organizer
Invisible Icons ;-)
Time and patience xD
Feel free to ask =)