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Screen Of the Day on 03/18/2012
  • SensationNation

    I really like what you did with the exit button.

    Absolutely genius.

  • Lemon

    @SensationNation Thanks dude!

  • SensationNation

    How did you make the folder have a gradient? Did you have a picture pop up behind the folder with a full alpha background?

  • Lemon

    @SensationNation It’s a subtle lined texture, with three shadows on it – done in photoshop. It is a picture :)

  • cvdesignlab

    This is so awesome ima try this…i read that you can share themes? Can you share this?

  • Lemon

    @cvdesignlab Sure can, it’s actually only 80% finished, so I’ll finish it tonight and then upload to the Sweeter Home server…

  • cvdesignlab

    @Lemon sweet man let me know when its ready lol

  • SpencerRelly

    Wow… I may have to try sweeter home! Nice work.

  • Mujodroid

    nice work did the icons holding apps/short cut ?? , the most functional launcher ever i like it :D

  • Lemon

    All, this is now live on the Sweeter Home theme list for you to DL. HD (720*1280) screens recommended :-)

    If you’re new to Sweeter Home, grab the APK from – run the launcher, load the theme list. Search for “Robothin” or “Lemon”. :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 18/03/12

  • CMahaff

    How’s sweeter home for performance? I have a pretty slow phone, but the launcher has so much creative potential!

  • Lemon

    @Peachanan Thanks Peach!

  • Lemon

    @CMahaff Depends on the phone you have. Ran awesome on my Desire HD, and my Evo 3D.

  • phoenixwave

    You’ve done an exceptional job Lemon.

  • Lemon

    @phoenixwave Thanks, mate. :)

  • cvdesignlab

    @Lemon Dude, could you do 1 small edit for me if it’s not too much to ask? Could you replace the search button to email icon?

  • Lemon

    @cvdesignlab Yeah I can probably do that for ya. hassle me again in 5 hours or so if I haven’t posted a link here…

  • genisis

    Can u plz upload? I dont have a net connection on my phone right now….

  • Lemon

    @genisis Do you need the Sweeter Home APK, or the theme file?

  • genisis

    @Lemon theme file

  • bargnani

    Love this. Rockin this right now. Any chance for a black background version?


    stunning. i just may have to try this.

  • Lemon

    @cvdesignlab Email logo (paper plane) instead of search:


  • Lemon

    @bargnani Thinking about it… I’ll do it tonight/tomorrow … maybe…

  • Lemon
  • Arjs

    another superb theme Lemon! :D .. black background version would be awesome too! will wait for it patiently :)

    Also, since this is HD , it won’t work on my HTC Vision? 480 x 800 :( .. m in love with this theme!

  • Lemon

    @Arjs Thanks yo. I haven’t fired up my 2x to check, but the feedback has been that it scales fine on a Galaxy S2 which is 480*800 – so go for it! :)

  • polstein

    Very, very clever use of SH. Great job. Great example of pushing SH to something that can’t be done in standard launchers.
    Question – widgets. I guess you just don’t use any clock/weather/calendar/whatevers. Thinking about changing one of the buttons on the bottom to swipe left & right (really with you could springboard to another screen) so I can have Pure Grid/Agenda. OTOH, for a long time I didn’t use a home screen at all – just Swipepad and apps (why use Pure when you can just launch say Pocket Informant. Widgets are just watered down apps anyway, no?)
    Will take a closer look on layers this weekend in case I want to modify a bit.
    What icons are you using for the bottom ones? If it’s a pack, I can easily change to apps I use most often. Might just use the Web one, and clear the others so I can swipe left & right. Will have to play & see.

    Edit: Sorry – just realized that the layer 1 bg picture had the bottom icons on it (and all the text on the side). Was thinking that the text was part of the springboards to launch the different trays. Can you post/put on dropbox the bg picture so I can try to match the font and get the lines correct? (or failing that, can I bribe you to make a custom one for me with different text on it) ?

  • mewdawn

    Hey Lemon! first of all, I really love the design… Are there any plans for making one with a darker background? it would be amazing and you should really give it a thought… maybe blood red or the ICS cyan color + dark background….

    thanks a lot, would definetly appreciate if you can drop a small comment about that :))

  • Lemon

    @mewdawn Hey man, I started it. Just need to find the time. Maybe over the weekend…

  • kickingdandies

    This is lovely. :)

  • Giel88

    hows the dark version comming along?

  • Ctf0

    i think u could also achive the same awesome result with this method also

Date Added: Sunday, March 18th, 2012 at 11:44 am

Designed in Photoshop then built on the phone with Sweeter Home ( All native functions, no widgets or special apps apart from Sweeter Home launcher.