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Screen Of the Day on 04/01/2012
  • ashley

    This is incredible!!

  • cvdesignlab

    @ashley TY :)

  • ashley

    @colorfulvisuals Any chance you’ll be sharing some of the resources in the future?

  • cvdesignlab

    I usually just upload the psd and then anybody can do what they want..@ashley

  • jquest68

    this looks really nice but does the sms count work and the missed calls?

  • sleepyscreen

    beautiful design. Well done.

  • 1ceb0x


  • mihovil13

    can you post the UCCW theme please?

  • mihovil13

    BTW, probably best design on the template you’re currently using on your screens :)

  • cvdesignlab

    @jquest68 yes it does :) I’m using UCCW

  • cvdesignlab

    @sleepyscreen @1ceb0x TY :)

  • cvdesignlab

    @mihovil13 I will sometime tonight

  • mihovil13

    ok, but did you created that theme or?
    if not, can you post a link pls

  • wright9

    Absolutely brilliant! Also, can you share your soft keys with us?

  • kwerdenker


  • Ameen

    So original!

  • k_un

    SOTD for me…..look awsome…can i request for grey BG

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/04/12

  • MrYadro

    @ashley This is Nexus :D
    Looks awesome!

  • dis3nchant3d

    wow i love your work

  • SassyMrsK

    great shot :)

  • dis3nchant3d

    can you share the uccw skin theme pleaseee???

  • cvdesignlab

    Thanks guys!! I will in a few hoirs just gotta do some things and thenbi’ll pit everything in a zip file..

  • blackbearblanc

    Aprils Fool

  • jplocica

    Holy sweet merciful crap! that is the best screen I think I’ve ever seen on this site. Amazing work!

  • cvdesignlab

    @dis3nchant3d @k_un @mihovil13 @ashley everything BUT the minimalistic.. just use roboto thin or light and center it lol.. 3×1 widget for that..

  • cvdesignlab


  • jplocica

    for switchpro which widget size did you use?

  • cvdesignlab

    @jplocica I used a 1×1 3 times

  • Bureauwlamp

    Very, very original! You keep innovating, love it!

  • cvdesignlab

    @Bureauwlamp TY!!

  • elboco

    Mind share your softkeys?

  • jplocica

    silly question..nova wont let me resize where my old app drawer is, how do i get rid of that? Also, Im using a desire hd, can i do this still? Sorry for the questions! I just really want this on my phone :)

  • Giel88

    You sir, are the king of custom screens.

  • mihovil13


  • mihovil13

    BTW, you didn’t mention that you’ve probably used Desktop Visualizer for pie and Missed it for notifications

  • Fulgore84

    Dark version??!??!?? Could be really badass? NUDGE NUDGE**

  • k_un

    ty @Colorfulvisuals for the stuff

  • ziou

    awesome work pal! may I say you forgot to put the analog clock files. Thanks for this, keep it up!

  • cvdesignlab

    @wright9 @elboco softkeys but you gotta use ninjamorph app to use it.. or make a zipthemer file which I dunno how lol

  • pmorla

    Awesome!, i love it, but can¡t manage to fit ethe screnn en my SGS2 :(
    I’ll try it with some maths,…

  • cvdesignlab

    @ziou I reuploaded the zip and it should be

    it has the analog clock images now

    @mihovil13 that’s actually blank… but you could do it though. Initially I had it setup like that but, I wanted to use the analog clock and also It’s function now is just a legend for the dock buttons below :) color Coded basically :)

    @jplocica Im sure you can, I included the PSD in the file so you should be able to edit the dimensions to fit perfectly on your HD :)

  • cvdesignlab

    @pmorla Try to mess with the sizing on the PSD I included…


    Take a screenshot of your screen and drag it in the PSD then you can adjust from there :)

  • ziou

    @cvdesignlab awesome! thank you so much!

  • pmorla

    @cvdesignlab Many thanks, i’ll try it, but there’s something about the black auter space up and down i’m afraid.

    It’s just a wallpaper or u ‘re using multipicture live for the settings?

  • SpencerRelly

    You, sir, are freaking killing it lately.

  • elboco

    @cvdesignlab I know how to do it :)

  • cvdesignlab

    @pmorla the wallpaper.. I made it so it’s the corners are rounded..

  • cvdesignlab

    @SpencerRelly TY!

  • cvdesignlab
  • ashley

    @MrYadro Haha! Well, it’s an incredible Nexus. :P

  • TheRubenator

    You kill it with this one, Nice Work

  • cvdesignlab

    @TheRubenator ty

  • dis3nchant3d

    thank you but i cant centre anything on my gs2… i suppouse for the screen resolution ç_ç

  • cvdesignlab

    Make sure you use NOVA Launcher…It’s a perfect replacement for stock ICS Launcher.. exactly the same with awesome features.. try that one then make the grid 7×[email protected]

  • niteowl360

    Really great work. One of those where the initial thought works out perfectly in practice.

  • dis3nchant3d

    @cvdesignlab unfortunately i’m still on gingerbread, so i’ve made it work with go launcher ex wit 8×8 custom grid and modding a little bit your skin

  • AT428HK

    how to replace default softkeys with yours?

  • quiro91

    Awesome, but would like to have a better guide, can’t succeed in make the wallpaper fit perfectly in my home

  • cvdesignlab

    @niteowl360 Thx man

    @dis3nchant3d works well anyways :)

    @AT428HK You need to use Ninjamorph App and if you are in xda, there is a quick guide as to how to do it :) it’s easy, but the issue I have to deal it is that it doesn’t work on all roms with themes. I usually just stay with stock AOKP theme. But nonetheless, BACKUP first before you try it lol

    @quiro91 What phone are you using? this dimensions on the wallpaper is for a Galaxy Nexus, I did include the PSD so you can adjust the size there

  • quiro91

    @cvdesignlab it’s a GSM galaxy nexus, but the angle doesn’t fit like in yours and they’re 90°

  • quiro91

    @cvdesignlab here you go; as you can see, it doesn’t fit perfectly
    Maybe have you resized your soft keys?
    edit: works with AOKP b29 if you resize the navigation bar height to 36 dp

  • MsJuniaRosa

    Fantastic layout. Well deserved screen of the day win!

  • Braddock

    Someone here able to make some Icons that match the coloured dots at the bottom. I tried to but failed. Want to use it for the functions marked in the circle around the analog clock.

  • Ameen

    @cvdesignlab Thanks for this, just wondering what you used for the weather?

  • AT428HK

    @cvdesignlab thanks i am also on AOKP.

  • quiro91

    ok, i succeed doing it with AOKP, thanks! One last question, can’t find the same icons in switchpro widget, where did you find them?

  • adrake400

    WOW… this is really neat!

  • cvdesignlab

    @Ameen i included it in the package :)

    @quiro91 Oh right that part lol i forgot about that…the icons are from the android developers site..

    @adrake400 Ty

  • mihovil13

    @quiro91 check your lcd density

  • cvdesignlab
  • xerohour

    Is there a full guide instead of the short guide? I need full instructions I’m completely lost with the short guide lol.

  • xerohour

    And also you can’t resize UCCW it is impossible….am I missing something here?

  • disellusional

    @CFV: can you save your novalauncher layout/settings and post here? i’m on captivate and having trouble applying the switchpro widgets (not centered, below centre) and also the weather doesn’t really work on my resolution

  • cvdesignlab

    @xerohour You need to turn on “Allow Widgets Resizing” in Nova Launcher

  • Imhotep


  • cvdesignlab

    @Imhotep NP :)

  • blueyedsoul25

    I don’t know if its the resolution on your phone or what…but I’ve resized it (480 x 800 is my resolution), and no matter what I do, I cannot get anything at all to lineup anywhere!! lol…oh well, looked really cool though.

  • blueyedsoul25

    @cvdesignlab also….I’m a noob at UCCW…how do i make the weather Farenheit and My current location? if you don’t mind

  • Fulgore84

    @blueyedsoul25 The current location I figured out is just a static text. To get the temp to farenheit… just click on your UCCW widget/settings/ then unclick the degrees in celsius.

  • cvdesignlab

    @blueyedsoul25 are you using AOKP rom? because I had the NAVIGATION BUTTONS HEIGHT set to 36 and have the nova launcher 7×7 with no statusbar..

  • blueyedsoul25

    @cvdesignlab no aokp rom…I have a Skyrocket…running a Dev-Made ROM…it’s cool man…thanks…I made my own new one based off of your color scheme :)…i’ll post soon

  • Daramny

    awesome ^_^

  • sprovo

    love the setup. i cant get anything to line up tho… few questions.. what dpi? do you hide the dock? what margin space is used? i think thats it :-\

  • cvdesignlab

    @sprovo large margin for dock and homescreen

  • sprovo

    ahh i cant get it, thanks tho. my eyes burn from looking at my screen. tapping out

  • Halorl

    Will the switchpro widget you used for Network signal actually adjust with your signal, or is it just a toggle? If it does, how do you get it to do that?

  • eyeisdasteve

    I so want this to work on my phone. I tried everything. But I’m pretty sure its just screen resolution. 540×960.

    Requesting this for that resolution!!

  • tommyfo

    how to get signal icon from switchpro? i can’t find it anywhere…

  • Picool

    Favorite, omg need in my phone *_*

  • cvdesignlab

    @sprovo haha you gave it your best :) lol

    @Halorl it’s a toggle using switchpro widget, the icons I used are


    @eyeisdasteve oh god, hmm I’ll TRY but i’m busy at the moment, I’m sure one of these awesome people that made it work for their phone can help you out, i’ll TRY though..

    @Picool your phone is?

  • Picool

    @cvdesignlab it’s a Galaxy Nexus :) (so if you have specific settings to this model, don’t hesitate to share them please ^^)

  • cvdesignlab

    @Picool I have a quick guide up there and it should have all the files you’d need and that’s the icons for the switchpro widget :) good luck! lol if you run into problems, just ask me or those guys above lol

  • tommyfo

    @cv thank you! you’re awesome!! :p

  • Picool

    Too difficult to do it :( can you provide a version with notification bar and buttons bar (GN) because I don’t see where I can remove them to fit background (and then be able to fit clock)
    Thanks you !!!!

  • hinlamS2

    Sorry i cant find the guideline
    how to make it, its too difficult

  • Thestigx


    I have some minor problems. The spinning purple/pink wheel is not spinning. And I have no idea how to change the Capital on the forecast, it just stick on vancouver. Well I tried I change it to Copenhagen Denmark, but that didn’t work :/

    Thanks :D

  • darakaa

    Anyone has the wallpaper for sgs?

  • break1ngbad

    Here is a guide I made for the dark version but can be used for the white as well.

    Every file needed is in that thread

  • Bureauwlamp

    I actually think that there are a LOT of people who don’t understand that the pie is a legenda haha.

  • jakmayhopher

    I have tried and tried with the UCCW trying to get the weather widget to work, but how do you do it???

  • cvdesignlab

    @jakmayhopher not sure about this question lol, maybe write down how you try to do it..

  • MisterPhone

    Can you please make the wallpaper for Samsung Note (800×1280)?

  • SeathTheScaleless

    can you make wallpaper for 540×960

  • itaintyouitsme


  • mv_style

    can u pls make wallpaper for 320×480

  • mhnd76

    It is a great gift, we learn much and can make our own style, I like it more in gray so I made this:

  • ethiestbalaji

    Light version is also nice. Here is my dark version in xperia s :

  • dkal1128

    I used the dark version in mine but after seeing this on I’m going to the white one. Nice

  • r2go

    I just descovered this site.
    I looooove it but my photoshop skills suck, knowlidge of apps suck, and creativity sucks as well. But i know what i LIKE. And i like this hehe.
    Great job.
    Howdo i get this in brown like colours?

  • stiegwardt

    would this work on the droid razr? ive tried to install but cant seem to find the way. any help is appreciated. thanks

  • superganey

    This is, by far, the most beautiful theme i’ve seen!!! One question though, can I apply this on my Galaxy s3?

  • rootingdestroyer

    @superganey no shit

  • AT428HK

    I saw someone still sharing this theme in a local forum. What a classic theme!

  • cvdesignlab
  • smcf81

    How do i get my screen to look like this? I am new to this so go easy on me…

  • Dark69Slayer

    Can someone create/resize this wallpaper for Xperia Mini Pro ? I think it needs to be in 640 x 480. I suck with editing.

  • Shrik

    well, even i faced the resolution problem.
    I used MS Paint to corp and re-size it to my resolution. :) hope it helps to you too.

  • lmt125

    If this has been asked sorry but what do we do with the zip file do we just put in our sd card?

  • mafanshui

    can u share the uccw weather setting to me?

  • MannyIV

    Hi, well I’m new to all this, can someone please teach me how to install this incredible theme. This is my first time doing something like this. Thanks in advance.
    P.S. I’m a very fast learner.

  • bobjohnson201

    never used photoshop before, so how would I resize the psd file to fit on my nexus 4? absolutely love this btw

  • ijstyles

    Can anyone port this to Nexus 4? Would highly appreciate :)

  • bobjohnson201

    @ijstyles me too!

  • Choas

    my 4.2 GN can’t change the softkeys lol,,,,

  • OfficeNinja

    Okay, why are the UCCW files in .uccw instead of .uzip UCCW won’t recognize .uccw files so I can’t open them….

  • machine0182

    cool ui and i love the way you’ve put categories in the pie.

  • StreetCrazy

    Amazing! Man you are brilliant!

  • ShonenDude

    Nice! But, just one question… everytime I try to resize the psd so it can fit mi Galaxy Ace, everything changes, what can I do?

  • papapsy

    how to download?

  • shiko


    Dude, just discovered this site and your work. Amazing what you can do, congrats.
    Can you plz, reup the zip files, because they are all missing?
    Thanks a lot and keep up with the excellent work!

  • Skyin

    All links are down can you please reupload all in one zip file thanks i want this theme so much

  • Skyin

    @cvdesignlab Links are all down :(

  • ArVin

    no link works :( can anybody upload them again?

  • NCW

    Not exactly the same but maybe this will help some of you?

Date Added: Sunday, April 1st, 2012 at 8:44 am

As usual Nova Launcher 7×7 no Statusbar.
Switchpro Widget first and then Minimalistic text 3×1 then Switchpro again and last is Circle Battery Widget.
Make sure you use 3×3 UCCW then import analogedit.uccw then resize to
3×2 centered on the pie graphics.
4×1 then import pie.uccw then resize that to 7×3.
Wallpaper #1 is the ZIP FILE FOR EVERYTHING
Wallpaper #2 is for the softkeys
Wallpaper #3 is only the WALLPAPER