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  • Shantanel

    These icons are amazing!

  • jastify

    thanks, i found it on devianart but forget who made it (sorry for that)

  • mondroid

    very nice ;) can you share wallpaper? sorry my english bad :D

  • jastify
  • gianghuy

    wow…. so great!!!!!!

  • jastify

    Thanks mate :)

  • kocai

    Can you share the icons? They’re really great.

  • rustyhalos

    This is FANTASTIC! Mind reposting the link to the blue wallpaper? The one you posted earlier is dead. Also, how’d you achieve the alignment on the icons? Just redid the grid in ADW? Sorry for the multiple questions! I just really love this one :)

  • jastify

    @kocai finally i remember the original thread, here you go for the icon

  • jastify

    @rustyhalos thanks mate. here you go mate, sorry for the late repply, just set the grid in adw ex, and i dont use dock for this setup.

  • deepesh

    share the mclock skin plz

  • ankushmehra1992

    This rocks! Can i please have the 2nd homescreen wallpaper in which the bulb is hanging? really need dat!! thnx..if possible mail or share anywhere –

    waitin :-)

  • julianevo

    please re-upload homescreen wallpaper, really need. thx

  • akari

    This is beautiful !!! Can I please have the wallpaper for the second screen ? Its looks fantastic :) You can send it to me here :
    Thanks in advance :-)

  • D0M1N13

    @jastify Links are broken :(

Date Added: Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 10:01 am

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