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Screen Of the Day on 04/08/2012
  • CMahaff

    Could you upload the dark version of the WidgetLocker theme as well?

    Great work on these btw. Using this lockscreen in my next theme :)

  • wright9

    Get the soft keys shared! Great work!

  • jplocica

    I hate how good you are at doing these lol

  • DCM

    Any chance that you make a WVGA version too? :P (I tried to edit the white one in Photoshop with zero experience and I failed quite hard..)

  • Gaunce

    I have been messing around with this theme. I like the way it looks, not sure about how to navigate it yet. I would love to know how to get Phone and SMS in the nav bar. That would be awesome! Also running AOKP30. This is definitely the most unique theme ive come across and I look forward to tweaking it more once i get the hang of it.

  • elboco

    Phone and sms softkey please:)

  • elboco

    I want the final wallpapers. I`m not able do fix thing on gimp or ps:)

  • Psicho

    What weather widget is that ?

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 08/04/12

  • PlanB

    huh? just updated to b30 too and couldnt find the option to put phone and sms at the nav bar?

  • PlanB

    nevermind.. got it.. sry

  • dynas7y

    Please share the lockscreen wallpaper!

  • cvdesignlab

    @CMahaff @wright9 @elboco @dynas7y EVERYTHING should be in there. :)

  • cvdesignlab

    @jplocica haha ty lol

    @Psicho UCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget)

    @Peachanan TY!

  • break1ngbad

    @cvdesignlab Mind uploading the font you used to type “browse, search, 9gag,” Photoshop tells me its called robot?

  • elboco

    Is it possible to request a another wallpaper?

  • elboco

    Or maby someone here would help me?

  • HDDerror

    Can you upload the wallpaper without the android icon and the colors?

  • wright9

    @cvdesignlab thanks for the upload. The phone icon seems to be black though so you can only the the sound waves coming from it?

  • cvdesignlab

    @wright9 you can always replace the color in the Rom settings :)

  • wright9

    @cvdesignlab Stupid me!

  • cvdesignlab

    @wright9 lol

  • cizzlen

    I love your work!

    Call me crazy but what in the heck do I do with the .psd file?

  • toa95

    I made a version for the HTC Thunderbolt, if anyone needs it. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  • Jero

    Hi, i made a version for Galaxy note (ICS tablet mode)

    :) ty

  • break1ngbad

    Here is a tutorial I created to make this:

  • PC

    Amazing work and guide :) Congrats!

  • baiken

    I’m confused about the softkeys – the ones in the zip are dark but in your screenshot, they’re light. When I try to add them on my own, they stay dark. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Nice work though, looks great!

  • ejkeebler

    Where do I find the UCCW skin, am I missing something?
    Ps how on earth do I hide the status bar?

    I’ve been following this guide but I don’t think I’ve downloaded the right zip, as I am missing several of the files and don’t see readme’s in any folders??

  • break1ngbad

    @ejkeebler sorry for not posting the zip here it is

    follow that post it has everything.

  • break1ngbad

    @baiken in AOKP ROM CONTROL change the color of softkeys to white and brightness all the way up

  • ejkeebler

    @break1ngbad Awesome, worked great, thanks, really like the look.

  • break1ngbad

    @ejkeebler N o problem!

  • kroustibat

    Really God this one ^^
    did someone who can help me to port it to SGSII I9100 and then i can share it with SGSII users pleaaase… thanks in advance.

  • jakmayhopher

    I love this!!! Would it be possible to get the background part of the wallpaper? So without any of the icons on it, and just the background. That would be awesome, thanks so much!

  • aa72on

    i just found this website is this a rom? or a launcher or what?

  • p40403

    can s2 use it?

  • joao7458

    i dont have invisible icon :s how put invisible icon?

  • skemmm

    Can you make one for galaxy s2? Really much appreciated.

  • joao7458

    How do I put the invisible icons?

  • stevenixon

    Anyone else having problems with AOKP 32 and changing the softkey icons? Everytime I select a .png, ROM Control crashes.

  • stevenixon

    Apparently my problem was down to using Root Explorer to choose the file. Once I used QuickPic, no more FC.

  • gmavro

    very nice

  • jandolom

    bro i cant find the icsicons folder and invisible icon folder. pls help me im doing dis right now :) thanks!

  • Wicked4u2c

    Thanks for the awesome design, do you mind if I make a how to? I have a lot of people interested from my latest video.

  • manny18pr

    I will love to have this theme in my phone!

  • manny18pr

    Please make a tutorial!

  • tomsurf

    can you plz write the name of the widget?

  • abhi29

    This is awesome, but cant follow how to do it. Plz give permission for @Wicked4u2c to make a video tutorial for all of us. Thankyou

  • INFINITYDaniel123

    can S2 do this?

  • cloudstrife7

    Please allow Wicked4u2c to make a video tutorial – thank you very much for all your hard work putting this together, it looks amazing.

  • cvdesignlab

    @Wicked4u2c I don’t mind :) This is the reason I shared it with you guys, so you can also use it :) I only ask that if you guys are sharing it, that you give me credit :) But please do make a video for it and share it around the world :)

  • quizz88

    umm…i’m sorta new to all of this stuff..and i actually saw this theme somewhere on youtube…I have an xperia arc s, could you guys guide me to using this on my phone?

    p.s: INCREDIBLE WORK OF ART!, speaking from an architect’s point of view =D !

  • cloudstrife7

    Awesome, thanks for allowing him to make a vid tutorial.

  • quizz88

    holy!.. @Wicked4u2c I got here cz of you :P

  • DSaif

    @cvdesignlab thanks for allowing @Wicked4u2c to make a video!

  • gam3r20

    @Wicked4u2c good luck we are waiting for your video :)

  • Wicked4u2c

    Video will be up on Tuesday :)

  • Wicked4u2c
  • cvdesignlab

    @Wicked4u2c Thanks buddy!

  • shishirasm

    I did it in my galaxy s2 with some personal changes… Thanx alot for this awesome theme…

  • ethiestbalaji

    I am new to android, can any one tell me, whether its possible to get the info about who called and who messaged in widget locker lock screen, instead of just getting numbers. This option is available in default screen locker of Xperia S.

  • ethiestbalaji
  • cvdesignlab

    I miss this setup lol so I went back to it :)

  • User_Error

    I can see why!

    Just found this one when scrolling through and have to say I like it quite a bit. I have toyed with the idea of txt and SMS in the nav bar but never quite gotten past my hesitations. I am using the nav bar widgets feature now and have some ideas for how that can be used though.

    So I do have a question though.. the signal icon.. is that a button? Or did you manage to use a widget or get UUWC to display a signal?

    I know I should just look in the PSD but just to be certain – because I am bored of the status bar, only use that info when I am on the homepage, so I want to replace its functionality entirely – and signal strength has been the big holdup.

  • mrmajor247

    Hey I don’t have the “icsicons”/”switchprowidget” folder for the switch pro widget icons. I also don’t have the folder for the minimalistic text clock. Please help.

  • rayyanabayu

    whta the function of the PSD file?anyone can tell me?just comment here

  • rayyanabayu

    is it can be used on Xperia U?anyone tell me please

  • rayyanabayu

    is it can be used on xperia U?

  • Gummie

    It may be late to ask this but I just recently got a Galaxy Nexus. Running CM10 w/ ApexLauncher. Problem is I cant align wallpapers edge to start after the nav bar. Anyone?

  • StressSyndrom

    whats the name of this icons ?

  • http:[email protected] ellard

    Where can i download the needed files?

  • Kellsea

    Hi :) The link for the needed .zip file is broken. Where can I find it? Thanks so much, and wonderful job btw!

Date Added: Sunday, April 8th, 2012 at 3:52 am

Because of the release of AOKP B30, I moved stuff around, I put the phone and sms on the Navigation Bar (YES THE NAV BAR AWESOME!!!) and replaced the phone and sms on the pie and buttons for the browser and email. Added the play store and camera in replacement of the old place of the browser and email. :)
Also, I’m in love with that one wallpaper from the HTC SENSE 4 set. and implemented it in the wallpaper.

PSD is at

the analog clock won’t be in place, just adjust the position in the settings.. :)