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Screen Of the Day on 05/01/2012
  • erbode


  • rustyhalos

    @erbode thank you very much! (:

  • micjenks

    amazing layout, it somehow manages to feel very minimal even though it’s jammed full of stuff. Well done!

  • rustyhalos

    @micjenks thanks so much! (: After I posted this I jammed even more stuff onto my screens, so your compliment probably won’t apply anymore ;)

  • Mujodroid

    Fantastic work :D nice color keep it up

  • rustyhalos

    @Mujodroid Thanks! (:

  • footsteps88

    love it. can you post the wallpaper and link to the widgetlocker please? x

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/05/12

  • rustyhalos

    @Peachanan Whoa, I didn’t expect that! Thank you so much :)
    @footsteps88 Here’s the WidgetLocker:

  • rustyhalos

    Okay, the wallpaper is up! It’s based off a random graphic I found online, and edited in Photoshop. If you use it and post it on the internet, please give me credit (:

  • anikrish

    that is one hell of a screen!! awesome!!

  • rustyhalos

    @anikrish Thank you! (:

  • rustyhalos

    @LiNks thanks! (:

  • exbandgeek

    This looks really great! I’m wondering how you got the notification bar/icons to look like that. Can it be done on an unrooted device running Gingerbread?

  • MaRsG

    What type of font did you use ?

  • rustyhalos

    @exbandgeek I used Reloaded ICS ( which requires root and Ice Cream Sandwich, so unfortunately, no. However, Gingerbread devices can probably use ROMs that have this capability if you’re willing to flash a ROM–though that also requires root. Most really significant modifications will require root.

  • rustyhalos

    @MaRsG Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

  • exbandgeek

    @rustyhalos Ah, that’s what I figured. Thanks for replying!

  • trozen

    Please upload your config for the clock,date, missed calls stuff please =) or tell me how to set it up

  • rustyhalos

    @trozen Sure, but it’s honestly very simple. The Min. Text bit is pretty self-explanatory, and the set-up is basic. With MissedIt, all you need to do is configure the output formula, so that you have the right static text surrounding the word and number strings. Also remember to put in the appropriate line breaks. Let me know if you have any more specific questions (:

  • MrExtemporaneously

    @rustyhalos Did you use the paid app “Missed It!” to create the word and number strings to the missed calls/sms/emails or did you do it through Widget Locker?

  • dirtygoldfish

    Really like this one. There’s lots of stuff going on, but it still manages to look really well-organized and clean. The wallpaper is great too.

  • rustyhalos

    @dirtygoldfish thanks :)

  • PC

    Moster TYPO! Great work on this. Congrats.Love it

  • rustyhalos

    @PC Thank you so much! :)

  • miketronic

    Great color! (or lack of :) ) Excellent work!

  • rustyhalos

    @miketronic thanks! (:

  • muerte

    On the first homescreen, what are the two collections of icons below the FLW quote? Are those folders?

    Amazing screen, makes me proud to live in Los Angeles.

  • scott5662

    What did you use for the BBC news feed?

  • rustyhalos

    @muerte thanks so much! And yes, they are folders. Those icons are previews.

    @scott5662 Simple RSS Widget

  • rustyhalos

    @MrExtemporaneously that’s Missed It.

  • annaalmendrala
  • rustyhalos

    @annaalmendrala Sure! Thanks for the comment, an email is on the way.

  • askyos

    I only signed up to tell you that this by far the best android homescreen setup I ever saw !

  • rustyhalos

    @askyos thanks so much! Means a lot (:

  • akabadnews

    @rustyhalos could you save/share your MissedIt! preset for the LS?

  • chadwick359

    I know that I’m late to the comment party, but sharing the font would be much appreciated.

  • rustyhalos

    @chadwick359 font was mentioned above (:

  • knevil

    this is the most epic setup i have seen so far. i never copy stuff and don’t really support copying other ppls stuff BUT this is so epic and i really want it :D

    if you’d like to share would it be possible to explain everything you did? from rom to setting, icons, widgets.

    also could you save your miinimlistic text widgets homescreen and upload it?

  • androto

    I’m a fan of this one!

  • moe6

    First one I wanted to comment on, looks really good.

  • rustyhalos

    @androto @moe6 thanks!
    @knevil sure I’d be glad to help you out, it’s a little inconvenient to do that on this site though. Do you use xda?

  • knevil

    yes i am on xda. if you started a thread there; pls post the link for me. thx

  • rustyhalos

    @knevil I don’t have a thread there, but if you want to PM me on XDA, it would probably be easier to exchange info.

  • Nedus

    I’d really like to use that wallpaper, but its no longer on dropbox! Any way to upload it again?

  • rustyhalos

    @Nedus the reason why it’s not on db anymore is because i actually made the wall myself, and stopped using that particular db a while back. unfortunately, i’ve also switched laptops and don’t really have the wall anymore, but if you really want it, you can probably screenshot it from this website and edit it in photoshop until it looks pretty close to the original (:

  • SergioMolero

    Could you upload the wallpaper again please? :D The link to Dropbox doesn’t work :(

  • zs92722
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