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  • rustyhalos

    Really like the lockscreen :)

  • Mll4eveR

    @rustyhalos thx bro!

  • yhbrandon

    what are you using for the toggles?

  • Mll4eveR

    @yhbrandon I’m using SwitchPro with customized icons.

  • anytime_ah

    Please Post Link For Icons , Cause I Searched it , and Can’t Found !

  • yhbrandon
  • Mll4eveR

    this is actually the original link for the icon.
    But @yhbrandon’s link works as well.

  • ozmoze

    could you please give a link for the wallpaper. thx

  • Mll4eveR

    The author actually made several similar texture wallpapers.

  • mjscarduzio

    How are you combining the Time/date widget with Missed it!

  • Mll4eveR

    First off, enable widget overlap function in WidgetLocker. The time/date widget I’m using is just Minimalist. Then just put Missed it! on top of Minimalist widget.

Date Added: Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 4:08 pm

OS: Android CM9 nightly0507
Font: roboto
Theme: ICS stock
Icon: Google icons
Widgets/Apps: Nova Launcher Prime, Widget Locker, Minimalistic Text, Missed It!, APW widgets.