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Screen Of the Day on 05/18/2012
  • rustyhalos

    Still amazing (:

  • dandylion

    Really, really nice!

  • Peachanan

    The great thing about this homescreen is that the color some how matches with our HTC One S template. :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 19/05/12

  • Funkfinger

    Wow thanks! And thanks for the comments everyone else. I’ll add the .psd for other people to work with it.

  • CYC10PZ

    How did you get the location thing? Is it static?

  • Funkfinger

    @CYC10PZ afraid so. I basically spend 99% of my time in that part of the uk so it’s accurate 99% of the time. Sadly that part is more of an idea than functional. If you want to use it, just tweak the layer in the .psd to suit you.

  • sylar_x

    Puedes hacer uno para Optimus One porfavor ?.. el wallpaper…

  • Persedroid


  • Funkfinger

    @sylar_x I’m sorry I don’t speak spanish but I think you want me to make the wallpaper for the optimus one? I could try if I knew what resolution the picture should be but I can’t test it without the phone. You’re better off downloading the Photoshop file (.psd) of the wallpaper and editing it yourself.

  • Funkfinger

    @Persedroid Thanks!

  • fdinis

    how can i get that wallpaper?

  • Funkfinger

    @fdinis Click on ‘view more’ on the bar of apps next to it. You can download the jpegs of the main wallpaper and the lockscreen wallpaper, or the photoshop file of the main wallpaper if you want to edit it.

  • androto


  • Funkfinger

    @androto Thanks!

  • fdinis

    tks :)

  • PC

    Im a fan of infographics :) this is great work. Congrats!

  • Funkfinger

    @PC Thanks fella. Time for something new now though…

  • rrohanjs

    this is pure class, amazing

  • kanbaz

    want to know what is the best way to use or switch custom multiple screens ? is there any app in market

  • mathewrice

    Loved this setup so much I put a variation of it on my phone. But can’t seem to align everything as tightly as you.
    Could you provide more details like the launcher used and grid layout please?
    As well, and details about minimalistic text would be great too :-P

    Edit: I posted up my variation if you’d like to see –
    Sadly, the effect isn’t fully appreciated since MyColorScreen doesn’t have a Garnet Red model Galaxy S III template to go along with my variation.

  • mathewrice

    Hi again,
    Would you mind providing a PSD for the lockscreen portion of this setup so that one (myself) could modify the Weyland Logo color (as seen in my variation of your theme).

  • Funkfinger

    @mathewrice Thanks for the appreciation.

    It’s a 7×7 grid on Nova Laucher Pro. Your screen resolution and aspect ratio is different to mine so I can’t give you exact settings to line everything up. I did it using quite a lot of trial and error, actually adjusting the .psd to line up with the minimalistic text rather than the other way around. All the layers are there so if you know what you’re doing it shouldn’t be too hard to tweak the layout to match your phone. Just be prepared to lose a few hours if you want it to be perfect. Tip: use the cursor keys to move the layers about in small increments.

    This is the .psd for the lockscreen wallpaper – – again you might have to spend a bit of time playing with it to fit your phone exactly. HTCs insist on applying wallpapers as if you’re always going to be scrolling between screens, hence the wide edges.

    P.S. San Francisco isn’t in the south of the UK, so you might want to adjust that layer to be a bit more accurate :P

  • Funkfinger

    @kanbaz Honestly, I have no idea. I’ll let you know if I ever find out.

  • mathewrice

    @Funkfinger ahaha on that SF comment :P but yeah, I do need to edit that layer. Thanks for the feedback and the PSD to the LS Wall. Luckily the ratios between your screen and mine aren’t so off and I was able to comfortably line things up.
    Thanks again for everything,

Date Added: Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at 10:42 am

After a few further days of work I think I’ve now got the layout I want.
This theme is inspired by the forthcoming movie Prometheus, set in the universe of the ‘Alien’ saga. As well as the Weyland Industries (yet to become the Weyland Yutani of the Alien movies) website created to market the movie. Specifically this page –