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  • Peachanan

    Love the bad ass colors!

  • hotracer

    Wicked !

  • SparkysShocker

    Thanks guys. Still some things I want to add but once I got everything right today I couldn’t wait to get it it on here. Somethings I would like to add next are counts for my gmail and work email (any tips other then k9+tasker+mt?), also I will be adding more to the armor status page.

  • rustyhalos

    Very slick. Try MissedIt for missed counts, I find it a lot more efficient. All my screens use it, if you want to take a quick look at my profile (:

  • supertx2

    Awesome \o/
    Can you post the steup? :b

  • hotracer

    try to find glass project for missed call/sms etc …
    it’s add on for UCCW, fully customisable infos as you want …
    edit :
    oh, and it’s free !

  • Rofro96

    Really nice, but the elements seem just a bit off position. Nonetheless, really very cool colours and features!

  • anantzoid

    It’s quite inspiring. I was planning to do something like this but didn’t know how. Can you please post a tutorial and wallpapers.

Date Added: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 6:58 am

Iron Man Inspired Hud, with color inspiration from War Machine. This my first attempt at making a wallpaper graphic theme to match widget placement, a lot of trial and error went into figuring out placement. The widgets take up a lot of resources (probably user error) so I will be trying to trim it down.

– ROM: Gummy-Toro-1.2.5 – main use is nav bar color change
– Apex Launcher Pro – used for overlapping widgets and hiding of the status bar
– Hex Color for Red: AE2635 (AE2535)
– Hes Color for Gray: 4B4B4B
– Art around weather and battery icons are part of the wallpaper
– Map is part of the wallpaper with transparent bg mnmltext widgets (with black text for nav and latitude shortcuts)
– Calendar, tasks and gvoice borders are all wallpaper
– Stats page wallpaper is found online

Big thanks goes out to:
retoucher at deviantart for HUD graphics
GIMP for their awesome freeware (used to make the wallpapers)
Google for Android
Marvel for the best best non super powers super hero (sorry Batman)