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  • erbode

    Amazing job! Customization to the max!

  • kwerdenker

    @erbode Thanks! Customizing is just too much fun on Android ;)

  • taeglichanders

    Would you pleeeease tell me how did you managed those missed It notifications? Are those really inside the widget locker counting to thre and when you tap on the circle it pos out with all notifications on each app?
    Thanks in advance!

  • kwerdenker

    @taeglichanders Jepp, it works just like that! To get it working you need the latest versions of both apps installed. Then open Widgetlocker, go into settings->Unread Counts. Activate it and under “Provider” select “Missed It!”. Now go into Missed it!, open the Options Tab and select “Shared Elements”. If you hit the Menu key, you can select “Add” to add notifications that should be shared with other apps or select “Import from widget”, if you already have these configured in a widget. Now all notifications of the selected apps will count towards the badge on the lock, even if you don’t have their shortcut on it. If you do have the shortcut on the ring, the count from the app will show up as a separate badge when you touch the lock. Just like you see in the screenshots.

    I hope this helps you out. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask them! Happy customizing :)

  • taeglichanders

    @kwerdenker Yeeehah! I managed it while you were answering. Thanks in advance! This was what I’m searching for a long time. They should support this feature with missed it for apex launcher so we could see our notifications on all/most apps. Thanks once again. Also happy customizing :-)

  • PYTO

    what icon pack do you use in your lockscreen?

  • kwerdenker

    @PYTO These are some custom icons I made myself. If you want, I can upload the ones I have (just what you see in the screen). I did not plan to make more of them but if you can’t live without a message icon for example, I could make that happen :)

  • BloatedHobo

    This is awesome man! If there is any possibility of getting hold of those icons, that would be incredible (and if I was a bit cheeky, to request some form of music-type one?). Absolutely in love with this!

  • kwerdenker

    @BloatedHobo Thanks for the praises! Ask, and you shall be given (if you ask kindly enough, that is ;) ) You can find both sets of icons under the link. Since I didn’t know for which one you wanted it, I added a music icon to both of them. If it doesn’t fit your taste, just get back to me with an example how you would prefer it :)

  • BloatedHobo

    That’s fantastic – thanks so much! :) I’ve usually stayed fairly vanilla with my phone, aside from a small amount of tweaking in GOLauncher, but this made me want to change things up a step. Not sure exactly how to use the icons though – would I save a copy onto my phone in the Gallery, then select them as icon replacements through WidgetLocker, or is there a proper way to do it?

    Thanks again!

  • kwerdenker

    @BloatedHobo That’s exactly the way to do it :) Have fun modding!

  • BloatedHobo

    Sweet, got it up and running. Looks wonderful. :)

  • kwerdenker

    @BloatedHobo Don’t forget to upload your setup! I’m interested to see what you did with it :)

  • zarxic

    @kwerdenker I’ve been able to get my setup mostly the way I want it with one exception. I saw that you replied to someone that you can have the badge on the lock update with apps that aren’t one of the 8 in your ring. I have my ring full but still have a couple of apps I would like to have update the badge on the lock, but I can’t seem to get them to. The badge only updates with one of the 8 apps in the ring. Can you shed any light on an option I might be missing?

  • kwerdenker

    @zarxic Sadly I was mistaken in my original remark. Only the apps on the ring count toward the badge count :(

  • cassyoutofwater

    @taeglichanders you can with nova launcher prime :)

Date Added: Sunday, July 1st, 2012 at 5:29 am

What does it mean, when Android is called an “open OS”? Sure, it’s source code is open source… but it also has a very open approach to apps sharing data with another. These screens hopefully demonstrate this :)

If you need anything besides the tagged stuff (like icons, MinTxt templates, etc.) just give me a shout in the comments.