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  • ethiestbalaji

    Very neat work. Single color makes it look elegant. Good work. Regarding the “nothing to do”, its any.Do

  • ethiestbalaji

    i just edited my home screen, but i couldn’t update that here. Can you one help me?

  • naashta

    Lol even I don’t know how to. Sorry :(

  • ethiestbalaji

    thanks, i found it. The thing is we cant edit :(, deleted that and created new page. My new link:

  • OnePotato

    Can i have a link for the wallpaper pls?

  • naashta
  • dqravens

    Do you happen to have the lockscreen wallpaper?

  • cizzlen

    Thank you for sharing your work!

Date Added: Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 7:13 pm

Wallpaper taken from the file hosted by
(follow him maybe)

Instructions similar to that of Dark Pie UI

(follow him too)