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  • JSN

    that is funny

  • syngamer96

    @JSN lol what is?

  • cheez

    Can you at the least share your ROM so we can get the wallpaper please?

  • syngamer96

    @cheez Its stock CyanogenMod 9. Sorry I didn’t give enough details :( but I kinda gave the wallpaper name in the description?

  • cheez

    Dude, please send me a link to that ROM on xda so I can download it. I looked inside the stock CM9 for your phone and i couldn’t find it, damn.

  • syngamer96

    Sorry for your trouble. Really sorry! Finally uploaded all the wallpapers I had onto Dropbox:

    Kinda extracted the CM9 wallpapers from an apk inside the system/app (i think) folder. Enjoy!

  • cheez

    You’re awesome!!! You don’t need to apologize. A really big big THANKS!!!!

  • vicky_buddie

    Where can I get those round dark icons?

  • syngamer96

    In the icons folder:

    Credits goes to blackbearblanc for the icons. You can find more valuable stuff in there. Its his stash ^_^

  • rrohanjs

    cant download, its saying out of bandwidth

  • syngamer96

    Hmm, hold on, I’ll upload them to my Dropbox…

    EDIT: DONE!!

Date Added: Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 7:55 pm

My first post in a while. A simple theme. Wallpaper from CM9, sorry if I can’t get it for download. The name of the wallpaper is: Pattern Holo Light by Asher Simonds

Enjoy simplicity to the fullest. CID’s head NOT an icon ;)