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Screen Of the Day on 07/11/2012
  • mey

    Awesome ,lovely ;)

  • dandylion


  • mikkis2k

    what resolution are those walls? can u share :O? this is simply the best work ive seen out there!

  • rustyhalos

    @mey @dandylion @mikkis2k thanks!
    @mikkis2k what do you mean by resolution, and which walls?

  • mikkis2k

    well o loved the hole setup, and i guess your backgrounds are a custom wall?^^ i want those, and the reason i ask for resolution is because i see it is a HTC sensation.. i need 800×480:P

  • rustyhalos

    @mikkis2k hm well the best solution would be to give you the original walls then i.e. the pictures of the flowers… how’s that sound?

  • mikkis2k

    so you don’t have 800×480:P aw.. well sure. Icons aswell plz, would appriciate it :D

  • rustyhalos

    @mikkis2k well no, hardly any walls come in sizes appropriate for phones, they have to be cropped in photoshop… which icons? i’m using a few different sets. if you want the walls faster than i can get to them, check wallbase, i source all my walls from there.

  • mikkis2k

    all the icons;)what “grid” etc do u use on apex?

  • mikkis2k

    and what did u use on that batery status text? same as clock?

  • mikkis2k

    and what are those widgets on todo and news:)?

  • rustyhalos

    @mikkis2k icons are retrofukation icons and retro icons; yes, batt stats is the same as the clock; simple rss widget and simple calendar widget

  • mikkis2k

    thank you, but i can’t find those icons “retro icons” i found the others :)

  • sachiee

    I love it! What grid size do you use?

  • Peachanan

    Wow! Great job on this! Everything seems perfectly fit in that tiny space! :)

  • androto

    awasome, beautiful, a masterpiece of what we can do on android

  • rustyhalos

    @Peachanan @androto thanks so much!
    @sachiee phone’s not with me so don’t take my word for it atm, but i think it’s 7×10

  • hairy9802

    can u share the LS wall and widgetlocker theme..nice setup man

  • rustyhalos

    @mikkis2k @hairy9802
    @hairy9802 the wl theme is just a blank unlock button, the “button” you see in the screenshot is actually part of the wallpaper.

  • xNiikk

    Love it!!

  • Rofro96

    I’m extremely interested in your To Do list. I wanted to do something similar – does it update or is it just your wallpaper? Plz tell me it looks really cool

  • erbode’s really beautiful and original!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 11/07/12

  • rustyhalos

    @xNiikk @erbode @Peachanan thank you guys so much!
    @Rofro96 it updates, that’s simple calendar widget with a static text title

  • erikachill

    This is fantastic! Excellent work!
    What are the other icon sets you have?

  • rustyhalos

    @erikachill sorry, what do you mean?

  • erikachill

    What are the icons used in the application draw box?

  • afternew

    nice setup… very brilliant idea.. :D

  • rustyhalos

    @erikachill retrofukation
    @afternew thanks!

  • russbakr


  • chiri3008

    Another beautiful screen! :) Very good work!

  • rustyhalos

    @LiNks @russbakr @chiri3008 thanks (:

  • suprano


  • rustyhalos

    @suprano thanks!

  • RdsG

    The harmony of colors and composition stick my eyes to my LCD screen…

  • AT428HK

    absolutely beautiful!

  • rustyhalos

    @RdsG @AT428HK thanks!

  • erantyint

    I usually don’t comment or love — but this deserves both. Excellent work, and a beautiful sense of aesthetic.

  • rustyhalos

    @erantyint thanks!

  • Screenfreaks

    I LOVE THIS THEME!!! Quick question, in the bar that separates the top and the bottom, how were you able to fit the clock and battery status in there

  • Fantastic7

    Simply Super Amazing =D <3

  • rustyhalos

    @Screenfreaks a lot of patience and experimenting lol
    @Fantastic7 thanks!

  • annieexd

    i love your setup! :)
    can you tell me what font you used?

  • rustyhalos

    @annieexd thanks, it’s neou

  • dirtygoldfish

    Love the choice of wallpapers, choice of icons…everything about this setup is just really gorgeous and lovely.

  • rustyhalos

    @dirtygoldfish thanks!

  • MasEo9

    amazing setup, thanks for sharing and giving inspiration!

  • Ste11a

    So lovely!

  • rustyhalos

    @MasEo9 @Ste11a thanks (:

  • octavian14

    Love this! Wonderful colour combinations. How does the app draw work? I’m guessing the icons are part of the wallpaper and are covered by transparent icons but how can you get the icons to fit with Apex grid? Anyway wonderful, wonderful creativity – thanks so much for sharing.

  • octavian14

    Just in case anyone (like me) is playing around with this design, I achieved some success using Nova and a desktop grip of 11×7. Thanks again.

  • prettysenshi

    ^ I agree with Octavian14! How did you do the app drawer?!

Date Added: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 at 1:30 am