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  • ray_tupper

    Very nice i love it

  • casper05lly

    Nice! !!

  • minyoungchan

    Wow I love it. I want to copy your first homescreen.Can you share the wallpaper??

  • Personalizado93

    Can share the dock icons please.

  • H3llblax

    Canyou share a link to your icon pack?

  • scobihughes

    Hi, what launcher are you using?

  • dunker

    Could you share with us all the files >?
    ,lease :)

  • fishwing14

    please share dock icons, thanks!

Date Added: Sunday, July 15th, 2012 at 1:45 am

ICSdockicons_glow_small by me (in stash – icsblue for all also available)
Uccw widgets with lines
Minimalistic text
My SquareLinesWhite iconset
GoogleEars transparent