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Screen Of the Day on 07/16/2012
  • evielync

    Fantastic setup… I’m inspired!

  • HalfManHalfBiscuit

    Excellent setup,now this screen is 110% my taste and just so you know i HATE YOU because having a SGSIII ;)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 16/07/12

  • Fantastic7

    Simply Fantastic =D
    Nice setup mate +1

  • sephirotheart

    Details please :)

  • shukla

    Thanks everyone! I’m glad you guys like it! I will be posting a tutorial up within a day or so! :D

  • rickmiraldo

    It’s awesome! A tutorial will be very much appreciated! I really like the black bars on the bottom and on the right with useful information :)

  • russbakr

    very very slick!

  • Arcaziel


  • leowu4ever

    compared with ur previous works, this one contains ur great ideas (black bar n clock). it goes very nice with galaxy s iii. keep workin bro..

  • rustyhalos

    this is AWESOME, love the clean colors

  • OrenBont

    can i have the wallpaper ?

  • ale3aflaro


  • georgiexe

    Share the wallpaper please!!

  • pakpumipon

    How to do it

  • MsJuniaRosa

    Any way you can Upload the UCCW uzip? I love your set up… This is PERFECT!

  • speedfreak228

    could you please share everything?

  • groovdafied

    Nice clean layout… it’s busy and minimalistic.

  • Belsatzar

    @shukla, great work! what about that tutorial?

  • jpshelley

    Wheres that tutorial Man! Great Job!

  • Laertes

    Really awesome, fantastic job! Any chance to get the corresponding files prior to the tutorial as this might take some time? Would be highly appreciated!

  • imblfmstr

    how do i get this on my sensation

  • shukla

    Hey guys, Thanks for all your kind feedback! I have been very busy with work this week plus my brother is getting married so I haven’t got a chance to compile a tutorial. I will definitely have it up this weekend for you all! :D

  • KiroDino

    @shukla sweet dude lookig fed to it

  • ibluelooth

    Nice.. awesome work

  • rootingdestroyer

    I copied this exactly, took me a while and sorry to say but i hate it. nice concept having the details on the side, i like that, but having that portion of the screen black just didn’t feel right.

    how did you get the dock like to be like that? ie the icons? :)

  • GeO

    is it possible to share how was this done?

  • Trung

    Can you show us how it is done?

  • pleasenomore

    Bumping for details :)

  • handassa

    This is a great job. Congratulations man…
    One question, from where can we get this beauty ? and is it compatible with Gnex ?

  • ben_agiter

    +1 for details as to the UCCW clock details/link.

  • sonnyd

    Tutorial please

  • sidhartha419

    hey man …. love your screen…. was wondering if you could share a tutorial

  • reachnimesh

    NIce Job mate! Is there a tutorial from where i can understand the setup??
    Thnz in advance :)

  • reachnimesh

    ‘@all’ Is der any tutorial for this??? Would love to use dis. Thnx in advance

  • ppearce

    Tutorial? Great job.

  • Jbaltasar

    I signed up just to get the tutorial for this screen. An uzip file would be great. But the tutorial would make it perfect.

  • thiggfx

    I’m really loving this. Where could I find a tutorial?

  • Sawas

    @shukla Hey mate.Can I get a Tutorial on this?

  • soredic

    Is there a tutorial?

  • whyglobaleyes

    Installed Themer just because I want to use this theme. But I feel really stupid … I can’t see any “download zip” button. How do I download this theme please?

Date Added: Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Let me know what your think ;)

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