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Screen Of the Day on 07/17/2012
  • Samauriz

    I love it, especially the lockscreen :D !

  • dandylion

    @Samauriz Thanks very much, took me at least 10 tried to get it right :P

  • Samauriz

    @dandylion At least you didn’t work hard without a result :).

  • dandylion

    @Samauriz Yes, completely worth it. :)

  • leowu4ever

    it is goin to be selected as the screen of

  • SensationNation


  • nomarky

    Really nice work!

  • dandylion

    @leowu4ever Thanks for saying that anyway :)

  • dandylion

    @SensationNation @nomarky Thanks very much! :)

  • pbrewer81

    WOW!!! Great set up. Downloaded your sliders yesterday. I must see what i can do. Thx!!!

  • dandylion

    @pbrewer81 Thanks! Look forward to your setup :)

  • erbode

    very cool dandylion!

  • dandylion

    @erbode Thank you! :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 17/07/12

  • Fantastic7

    Boooom Nice Setup =)

    love the calender screen!

  • TheSimonizer

    Did you resize the icons yourself or does the launcher do that?

  • dandylion

    @Peachanan Thank you! Appreciate it.

    @Fantastic7 Thanks! :)

  • dandylion

    @TheSimonizer No, Nova launcher doesn’t do that unfortunately – resized plus added the grey backgrounds in photoshop.

  • leowu4ever

    bro,check what i told you. congratulations.!!!

  • dandylion

    @leowu4ever I’m a girl, and you were quite right, thanks again! :)

  • leowu4ever

    seriously I’m a girl as well. lol.
    I’m just kindin.

  • akabadnews

    I love the lockscreen notification/clock widget. Great work as usual.

  • dandylion

    @akabadnews Thank you very much :)

  • rootingdestroyer

    link for icons is dead on your deviant link. could you post em here please? :)

  • dandylion

    @rootingdestroyer Thanks for letting me know, apparently themecavern’s account on deviantart got banned permanently. Here’s a direct link:

  • AndyOHart

    Hey how do you use the Widget Locker to get the slide bar?
    I have the red button that moves when I slide it but I don’t for the life of me know how to get that white bar behind the red box? Thanks

  • dandylion

    @AndyOHart I’m not sure why it isn;t showing.. just download my WL sliders to the theme folder again (fresh) and apply and see if it works.

  • AndyOHart


    Ah I didn’t know there was a folder to put themes into, I got it working.
    You see on your homescreen your message icon has the red alert bubble beside it, how do you get that?

    Also, I’m using that program, MissedIt, and I can’t get it the line up on the lock screen. I used the line separation of 25 like you said but the last 2 or 3 items are going out of line, and I can’t get them to line up by using the margins or anything :S

  • dandylion

    @AndyOHart 1) The red notification bubble is a built-in plugin in Nova launcher prime (the paid version) and even Apex launcher paid has built-in notifications. If you don’t want to buy the launcher a good free alternative is ‘sms unread count widget’, also gives notification bubbles and links straight to the apps concerned.

    2) If they’re slightly left/right of alignment then there must be some space before/after the text. Check in ‘output’ and just delete any extra space you can see.

  • AndyOHart

    @dandylion I got NOVA Prime so I’ll have a look now thanks!

    And no it’s not left and right alignment it’s above and below.
    Right now the last 3 are aligned real good but the first 2 are just a bit off

  • wideawake


Date Added: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 2:28 am

Full details
This one started with me trying to make a setup around the widgetlocker sliders I made yesterday, one thing led to another and I ended up learning a LOT of photoshop.

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