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  • joakdantzen

    i like the uccw’s, could you link the files if you get a chance? :)

  • cportillo

    plus + 1 ^^

  • lezperez

    @joakdantzen the clock is Minimalistic Text. The weather is UCCW, it’s by blackbearblanc on here, search for him.

  • SubjectSwag

    Where did you get those icons?

  • lezperez

    From the Android developer website. Then I made the circles in Photoshop.

  • sepb

    Minimalistic text clock please??

Date Added: Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 2:35 am

Inspired by Google Now and the Holo theme. Minimalistic text for the clock, UCCW for the weather, custom ICS search widget, and folders with custom icons.