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Screen Of the Day on 07/28/2012
  • pimienta

    perfect!!! any chance to get the psd? its for edit the names of the categories to spanish, thanks for your work!!

  • AdamF

    I re-created the template with adobe Illustrator if that is any good for you? I might be able to convert it to a psd but not sure how well this will work.

  • pimienta

    yes, if you can try to export to psd its perfect , i am a video editor (avid) illustrator its not installed in mi machine, but if its too much problem give me the illustrator file ,i go to ask to a grpahic friend for the conversion, sorry the anoyance!!

  • AdamF

    Ok you may have to wait until Monday though as I’m away from my pc throughout the weekend.

  • pimienta

    no problem!!! thanks a lot!!!!!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen is selected as Screen of the Day 28/07/12

  • naashta

    now that’s what a droid should look like. the camera in the center makes it look plain awesome.

  • rootingdestroyer

    We’re back to Pie Ui again ? *Facepalm*. And he’s running Ginger Bread.

  • RdsG

    @rootingdestroyer Awesomeness of a screen does not depend on what version of android you are running :)

  • AdamF

    I’m not running gingerbread I can assure you :-)

  • MissionImprobable

    Pretty cool update, my man!

  • kocai

    @rootingdestroyer SGS III and HTC One X look like GB but they’re running ICS. I bet the green battery icon is what makes you say that.

  • ugadroid

    Awesome! Any update on us getting a psd?

  • AdamF

    Been a bit busy will get onto this in about 12 hours from now when I’m at my pc again, sorry for the delay!

  • ugadroid

    No problem man. Thanks for helping us.

  • AdamF

    Just putting the last few files together now & uploading them, shouldn’t be long.

    I’m surprised at how well the illustrator files converted to .PSD all seems to look good however feedback is obviously appreciated.

    I’ve also drawn the nova 7×7 grid on a separate layer which is not visible but can be made visible so you know exactly where to place icons etc….

  • ugadroid

    Thanks! I’ll just have to tweek it a lil bit for my Gnex since it’s formatted for a GS3?

  • AdamF

    Yes it’s formatted for the GS3! Sorry for the delay file will be ready within the next 15mins, promise! :-P

  • AdamF
  • ugadroid

    Sweet. Thanks man. No problems on the format. I can resize it. Good job!

  • ugadroid

    Can I ask you how you have your widget locker setup to unlock?

  • AdamF

    Sure, I use the slider NegateICS.

    Simply select ‘Get themes’ from with the slider menu
    download from the widget locker website and re-size to suit.
    Obviously because its black you cant see the logos when you put your finger over the lock but sliding to the right unlocks, left is camera & up changes the volume/vibrate.

    Hope this is what you meant.

  • ugadroid

    Thanks for your help. It looks great! Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  • pimienta

    thanks a lot !! editing your psd righ now, thanks for your generosity


  • Tanthny

    omg how

  • micc117

    Hmmmm so i cant get the weather i cons to show up on uccw :/ its always showing the stock weather icons i dont know what the deal is

  • stiegwardt

    I have the razr and I cannot seem to make it work… do you have a template for that? sorry… :(

  • Brainze

    Are there written instructions for this?? The video is absolutely irritating and the wallpaper seems entirely too big. I can’t get it to resize to fit my screen?

  • AdamF

    When applying the wallpaper use Wallpaper Wizardrii from the play store to apply & select No Scroll in the option this should help anyone face issues with the wallpaper seeming to big etc.

  • jaypaulc

    I’m trying to make the lockscreen… I don’t see any lockerwidget backup files in the zip. How do I go about making the lockscreen work? GREAT THEME btw!

  • amalcns

    can u plz reupload the walls…??…dropbox shows empty…:)

  • NemesisWhip

    Pleeeaaase re-up :) Amazing work!

  • Redaaku

    This is really cool! Can you please re-upload the wallpapers and zip file, the drop-boxlinks are broken.

  • alperaltun

    hey, the links are broken, can you make it work again?

  • hypocritelecteur

    Another request for working links–this seems to have disappeared from the internet entirely.

  • hypocritelecteur

    Pretty please?

  • hypocritelecteur

    Can’t figure out how to PM on this site, but could you add working links?

  • hypocritelecteur

    Err, the silver one actually. But both would be awesome!

Date Added: Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 7:50 pm


Dark edition of my previous theme:

PIE UI Revisited Silver

To use this theme following the guides and use the files as below but use my wallpapers instead!

Thanks to the following people:

Colorful Visuals – The original creator of PIE UI

wicked4u2c – Video tutorial on how to set it up

ethanfel – Thread on XDA which has the relevant files for the S3

Nova Launcher with 7×7 grid and transparent icons over wallpaper

Darkrize ‘untitled’ icons found here:

Lockscreen wallpaper located here:

Homescreen wallpaper located here: