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Simple GNow Android Homescreen by NEBeek - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own
  • MisterPhone

    Nice work :)

  • kroustibat

    really nice ^^did google now working for you??

  • juandgui

    mind sharing?(:

  • jgcampos17

    ¡Muy buen trabajo!
    Nice work!
    ¿Podrías colocar los iconos? Gracias de antemano
    Could you put the icons? Thanks

  • NEBeek

    Los encuentras en el market en la descripción esta el nombre de ellos

  • minyoungchan

    can you share this wallpaper? I love it!

  • dyeysel26

    please share how to make it..

  • artkenny

    Las descripciones de los iconos no aparecen ??’

  • artkenny

    @NEBeek hola … la verdad no veo las descripciones … si las podrias mencionar me encanto el tema grax

  • antipesto93

    really want this wallpaper!

  • leowu4ever

    very very very beautiful … perfect color mix

  • Schlibib

    how did you change the notification bar and that bottom bar? I know you wrote hydra rom 1.4 but it looks nothing like that .

  • Littlesonic

    Wow I love this !

  • davidpunto

    Google inspiration !! Good and nice work

  • orcun

    please share item you use!!

  • welo18

    @artkenny se llama minimal MIUI my friend

  • flava69

    awesome,great layout,can you share it please?

  • ale3aflaro

    Alguna guia como hacerlo ?

Date Added: Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 11:54 am

─═☆Simple GNow☆═─
>Rom Hydra – H²O
>Wideget Locker:
-UCCW HR Time = Thanks
-UCCW Goo Now Weather UI = Thanks
-WLS New Bullet = Thaks
-Icons Minimal MIUI
-Wallpaper Custom = Me
>Apex Launcher:
-Theme Chocolate
-Simple Text = Thanks
-Icons Minimal MIUI = Thanks
-Image Google Now = Thanks
-Custom Wallpaper = Me

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