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mycolorscreenstyle Android Homescreen by semati - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/dartox dartox

    Love how it looks.
    Where can i find those icons?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/dartox dartox

    @semati thanks :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/kocai kocai

    Please do not distribute those icons. It belongs to xniikk.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/rustyhalos rustyhalos

    Haha, very nice

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    Thanks a lot :D

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/xNiikk xNiikk

    @kocai Thanks dude!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Schat2 Schat2

    @kocai “like” 4 that!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @kocai tnx for warning,don’t worry ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    there is a theme that i can install to have this homescreen? i have no time to build it by myself…..thx in advance!!!!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/f3d3 f3d3

    How did you do that?

    I’m new to this website. Can we know what skins/themes did you use on that apps?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    pleaseeeee i want it on my G-Note!!! :) :(

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    thank you very much SEMATI….<3 ….

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/kristalana kristalana

    Can you share the UCCW skins and wallpaper? This is really lovely.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    @semati….where r u friend? :( …. i’d really like to have your creation on my phone as soon as possible!!! :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/footsteps88 footsteps88

    looks fab x can you post the wall please and uzip x

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @cyberspaceguy @kristalana @footsteps88
    here the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/abbzgnss1p6pczp/1q8HXWZdIL

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    @semati…thx broth for posting the uzip ffile….i cannot let work it corrrectly….please can u make a simple guide to adjust the theeme as your….p.s.: i have a galaxy note

    thx in advance for your time

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @cyberspaceguy what launcher do you use?
    1- grid size must be 7×5
    2 – hide the notification bar
    3 – make uccw widget size 4×2

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Marcelek_xD Marcelek_xD

    really nice :D

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    i use stock launcher samsung touchwiz…. :( can u suggest me a launcher that works good for your customuzation?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @cyberspaceguy use nova launcher or apex launcher :)
    @Marcelek_xD thank you :D

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/cyberspaceguy cyberspaceguy

    @semati….sorry broth…but i think u sould build a guide for dummies like me :( …i cannot create a interface like your…i tryied nova and apex….if u want please explain me how i can do….thx in any case…and thx for your time too

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/mathewrice mathewrice

    This is a nice setup!
    Would be great if you would provide a PSD or a wallpaper variant with an empty color wheel so we could substitute our own app icons.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @mathewrice Thanks!
    you can find them in my updated link!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @cyberspaceguy the guide is here:
    1-Apex Launcher
    Apex settings/Homescreensettings:
    Portraid grid: 7×5
    Horizontal margin: None
    Vertical margin: None
    Transition effect: None
    Wallpaper mode: Single screen (non-scrolling)
    Show desktop indicator: Checked
    Hide notification bar: Checked
    Hide shadows: Checked
    Hide icon labels: Checked
    2 – Dock settings:
    Hide dock: Checked
    3 – Advanced settings
    Resize any widget: Checked
    Overlapping widgets: Checked
    Widgets in dock: Unchecked

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Mstammi Mstammi

    Can you share the uccw template for the weather/clock/battery you have displayed? Thanks!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @Mstammi read up please,I shared it.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Mstammi Mstammi

    @semati Thanks! I didn’t realize it was a uzip file. Just learning :) Is there any way to change the temp from C to F?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @Mstammi you are welcome.
    go to uccw/more/settings to change it.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/pjl0102 pjl0102

    Very nice,i like it!
    can you share the app icon?
    Sent to my E-mail([email protected]
    ) OK?Because a lot of things I can not download.
    My English is very poor,sorry!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @pjl0102 Thanks.I gave a link for the icons.Read up please.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/mathewrice mathewrice

    @semati thanks so much!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/kinkle16 kinkle16

    wonderful~~~~~love it~~~

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/xNiikk xNiikk

    Wow, thanks for uploading the blank icon onto your dropbox! ..

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @xNiikk You’re welcome ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @kinkle16 thanks! glad you like it.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/xNiikk xNiikk

    @semati I meant that in a sarcastic way, could you please take it down? Thanks.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @xNiikk Okay…i took it down.

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Apex Launcher

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