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Screen Of the Day on 08/03/2012
  • s0le

    Can you share the wall ?

  • morgynbrytt
  • Peachanan

    Perfectly aligned. Love the simple colors of the widgets.

  • Personalizado93

    Excellent work, simple and minimal.

  • morgynbrytt

    @Peachanan Thank you!

  • morgynbrytt

    @Personalizado93 i really appreciate that!

  • blueyedsoul25

    @morgynbrytt do you have the wall that you made to share? Or the uccw? I love this. …super cool

  • xNiikk


  • ray_tupper


  • morgynbrytt

    @ray_tupper Thank you!

  • morgynbrytt

    @xNiikk lol ;)

  • morgynbrytt

    @blueyedsoul25 I really appreciate that! yea sure, the uccw by me is here
    and the wall is here

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 03/08/12

  • morgynbrytt

    @Peachanan Wow, thank you very very much!

  • leowu4ever

    ohhhh. awesome. like the font!!!!

  • morgynbrytt

    @leowu4ever Thank you so kindly! the font is pr8 charade ;)

  • bronsonsnelling

    Do you have the home and social tabs actually working? If so how?

  • morgynbrytt

    @bronsonsnelling yes i do, the tabs are custom made to the wall, and used a transparent icon with desktop visualizer on top of the tabs to link to home apps and social.

  • gatorsuf

    did you use MPLWP?

  • morgynbrytt

    @gatorsuf Yes i do

  • chungleifei


  • darKpoiSon

    whats the weather uccw skin?? care to share? :D
    love the whole theme

  • Eklein99

    Is there a way to get this on my phone without rooting? Money is not a problem. Thanks! I really like the minimalistic feel of the whole thing

  • morgynbrytt

    @chungleifei thank you!

  • morgynbrytt

    @darKpoiSon thank you very much.. I’ll give ua link to the uccw in just a llil ;)

  • morgynbrytt

    @Eklein99 I really appreciate that.. only thing that u would need root for on this would be the status bar.. other than that u can have ursjust the same.. iI will send u a link to my PSD in just a lil after I get back home. ;)

  • morgynbrytt

    @darKpoiSon here is the weather uzip the original is by blackbearblanc, i just modded the icons to white and changed the alignment a lil.

  • morgynbrytt

    @Eklein99 here is the link to the weather uzip for uccw the missedit bar uzip and can u give me your email and i will send u the psd there

  • Eklein99

    @morgynbrytt….. is it possible for you to make a skin for me? Im new to this and im not very good…

  • darKpoiSon

    @morgynbrytt thanks alot :D could you send me a psd aswell?? would be awesome :) thank you very much.. i’m switching to this theme as soon as i can just love the black with the wallpaper..

  • Jch_an

    love your wall~ nice design…

  • morgynbrytt

    @Eklein99 what kind of design are u looking for

  • morgynbrytt

    @Jch_an thank you very much!

  • morgynbrytt

    @darKpoiSon sure thing, and thanks!

  • morgynbrytt

    @bam0130 thank you very much! sure i will

  • parkjh

    Hello, morgynbrytt, I think your theme is fantastic, I received your uccw skin, but if there is some password, Can you send that password to
    If you send to here, I will very thank to you.
    (I am korean. so my English ability is not good ;;)

  • xandr00

    could someone send the psd to

  • masterchif92

    Where i can found the softkey?

  • Kazan22

    I would very much love the PSD as well.
    Please and thank you =]

  • morgynbrytt

    @parkjh Thank you very much! there shouldnt be a password

  • morgynbrytt

    @masterchif92 The softkeys are on xda Softkeys thread

  • morgynbrytt

    @xandr00 Sent

  • morgynbrytt

    @Kazan22 sent!

  • gkusiman

    me as well. Thank you very much. i love the look of this. very modern

  • iitsRayy

    Awesome work!!
    Can i get the psd as well? Cant wait to have this set up. :)

  • speedfreak228

    This screen is awesome!!!! Could you please email the PSD to

  • morgynbrytt

    @gkusiman sent! Thank you very much!

  • morgynbrytt

    @iitsRayy Thank you very much! sent ;)

  • morgynbrytt

    @speedfreak228 I really appreciate that! sent

  • joekeee

    i really like this one! looks very nice!
    if possible could you send me the .psd as well?
    and maybe some pointers on how you got those tabs to work?if you press them do they switch screens or show/hide a different widget or?
    thanks in advance!

  • morgynbrytt

    @joekeee sorry about the late response,thank you! and i sent the psd, as for the tabs i used a transparent icon with desktop visualizer, to open most used apps and social stuff.

  • MylleZ

    Perfect ;)

  • mrkuntri

    How did you apply the HTC ONE x softkeys? is it available option on the AOKP JB Rom?

  • morgynbrytt

    @MylleZ Thank you!

  • morgynbrytt

    @mrkuntri I downloaded the softkeys from the xda thread and applied the images within AOKP rom control.

  • karmascorer

    Amazing! Can you send me the psd please?
    thanks a lot!

  • mrkuntri

    @mrkuntri I downloaded the softkeys from the xda thread and applied the images within AOKP rom control

    @morgynbrytt did you make any adjustments to the nav bar, like height width spacing?!?

  • Jnutification

    Can you send me the PSD? And my weather widget just says CTo, how do I make it put current temperature?

  • Svenska_tjej

    Could you upload the PSD for us???

  • Osvald

    Can you share lock screen wall pls!

  • felonius

    Love it!
    Can I have the PSD also? Thanks.

  • pvinod

    Can I have the PSD Please?!… Thank you so much.

  • Passyboi

    This is somethin’ I wanne have for a long long time.
    Can I have the PSD also please?

  • garcia400

    I aswell, could I have the PSD? Absolutely love the weather icons!

Date Added: Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 8:21 am

New Concept for this one

AOKP JB Nightlies ROM w/ Lucid Theme
HTC OneX style softkeys

Hope u all like