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  • titans10

    love me some hex! nice setup gary

  • grumbles

    Great concept. Are you using MPLW for that screen indicator on the bottom?

  • garyarts

    Thanks man!@titans10

  • garyarts

    @grumbles no, that is just a small widget. Thank you.

  • s0le

    awesome !

  • garyarts

    @s0le glad you like it:-)

  • rustyhalos

    This is SO nice, I love the minimalism and icons :)

  • NeoHV

    Nice it seems you’re a pro
    Mind if u give u email its just I made a new 1 and I want to take your opinion on it before uploading it

  • garyarts

    Thank u, queen of mnmlsm ;)@rustyhalos

  • garyarts

    @NeoHV i’m really a designer, but it’s kind thx. If u really like to: my account name at gmail:-)

  • NeoHV


  • NeoHV

    @garyarts I just need some tips if u don’t want to put it public contact me at

  • garyarts, sorry i just slept a bit;)@NeoHV

  • efresh

    Hey, where’d you get that wallpaper? Your setup is incredible!

  • garyarts

    @efresh i did it in PS:-)

Date Added: Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Minimal light setup. Hope u also like