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Screen Of the Day on 08/20/2012
  • matias


  • terko


  • Andrerox

    How did you get rid of the dock?

  • terko

    I’m using apex launcher.
    Apex settings -> dock settings -> Hide dock.

  • 6_lukas_6

    Very nice.
    Can yo share the wall behind the phone? Thanks

  • terko

    you can get it from the wallpaper link (“walls” folder).

  • Schumi

    Looks amazing , quick question though how do you resize the Tiles in Apex launcher .


  • ray_tupper


  • terko

    @Schumi – you use desktop visualizer for creating tiles (4×4, 2×2 and 1×1).

    @Ray Tupper – thanks!

  • Schumi

    Terko, Brilliant, thanks very much indeed

  • titans10

    really slick!

  • gkusiman

    Thanks for the Icons i really love this…

  • terko

    thanks to all!

  • InsanelyEpic

    wow this is awesome!!!! i have tried my best to make it for the galaxy s3 but it doesnt let me at any grid size :(

  • terko

    are you using desktop visualizer for the icons?

  • User_Error

    Did you find a way to hide the nav bar automatically when at the homescreens or do you still have to do that manually? I there is a function to hide it manually, but I’ve yet to find a way to do it automatically as of yet.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 20/08/12

  • mountanderson

    What grid layout did you set for apex

  • gautam_nexus

    Treko awesome work….i am using apex 1.30 beta
    and using 8×6 setup but the images dont align properly using desktop visualizer

  • terko

    @User_Error, you can hide the statusbar from apex menu and set a gesture, for example swipe down, to bring up the status bar again (apex settings -> behavior settings -> gestures).

    @mountanderson, I used 9×6, dock is set to hidden.

    @gautan_nexus, try changig horizontal and vertical margins from homescreen settings in apex.

    @Peachanan, wow, that is great!!
    I’m very glad my design has caught so much attention among all the other brilliant setups. Thanks!

  • gautam_nexus

    thanks for a quick reply…tried that still no go..can you make a video or something? and how do you open app drawer from desktop visualizer tiles.

  • terko

    Are you using 9×6 and set the dock as ‘hidden’?
    As you can see from my screen, it isn’t perfectly aligned too, that’s the best I could get from desktop visualizer. So it’s natural you have this small misalignment.
    The small arrow in the lower right corner opens app drawer. As far as I know, there’s indeed no option to use desktop visualizer for opening it.

  • FranciscoMSM

    can you put the wallpaper on another link? cause dropbox is down

  • terko
  • FranciscoMSM


  • relaksua

    I simply love it .. can i know what fonts are you using? If there is any psd files, would be even great.

  • terko

    Font is called Alte DIN 1451 Mittelschrift.
    I’ve added psd file to my dropbox – Have fun!

  • relaksua

    Thank you so much my friend :)

  • rlavksrl


  • IschaGast

    I wanted to change the color of a tile but there is no easy way to do that right now (I know). Is it possible to make changing a color a little bit easier?
    You did a really awesome job!

  • terko

    I made the color schemes manually, so the only way to add them is by making a new one.

  • Kieronboz

    Your missing a reddit icon! :P

  • InsanelyEpic

    yes i have and it doesnt seem to align at all for some reason can you send the backup file for apex?? btw how did you get “files” to open a folder tab??? assuming thats what that is

  • terko

    @Kieronboz, I’ve uploaded the psd file to my dropbox (into ‘block’ icons folder), so you can try to make one yourself ;)

    @InsanelyEpic, unfrotunately I didn’t make a backup. It might be misaligned due to fact, that the screenshot is made on 4″ screen. SG3 has bigger screen and higher resolution. I guess you could try to align icons and chaning their position so it maches your screen. And ‘files’ tab is for opening file manager :)

  • smolina

    Hi, can you write a step by step tutorial of how to make this? :)

    you can email me at

  • terko

    The basics of the setup have been described in my previous posts, use the info above.

  • mpdasher

    Did you include the white arrow? Because I can’t find it in that drop box link

  • mr_gustavsson

    Nice setup! I’m using your PSD do one for my phone. What resolution does your phone have?

  • terko

    icons are from BlackBearBlanc – (first post)

  • swenne3

    I see that people have asked this before, but I can still not fix it. Where in desktop visualizer do you get the option to change the size of the tiles?

  • terko

    from widget menu you get the option to choose lots of different sizes for DV icons. Alternatively you can choose 1×1 tile and then resize it. Whichever works best for you.

  • swenne3

    Thank you very much!

  • themer1001

    link?? I WANT THIS!

  • MrKillerbmx

    hi can you make a icons for 9gag and facebook ?

Date Added: Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 1:48 am

made the icons, you can find them from the wallpaper link

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