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    love it

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    Cool Man!!!!

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    that is amazing how do i do this?

  • SpArkLeS

    Please please make a tutorial and share how you made this! Its amazing :)

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    really nice again you could surprise us again !? :P

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    I will upload tomorrow guys

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    Thanks! I will be soo grateful. You have the best designs :)

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    @bgechka9 @kroustibat @SpArkLeS


    Guide on the description!

    Please download the ROBOTO font set. It’s free and put in Fonts/
    Make sure you let UCCW know where the fonts are.


  • A_Random_screenShot

    Diggin it, good idea and I can see the chameleonesque elements ;)

  • AT428HK

    @all cool chameleon launcher for phone!

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    I copied it and it works like a charm. It’s just awesome. One more question though. Those switchpro widgets are very dark even when they are active they stay dark. How can I change that? thx

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    cant unzip the file, any suggestions on apps? I am currently using es file explorer and it cant unpack the zip :/

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    @Nathan_e Unlock it in your PC/Mac first, it’s easier

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    great mate thanks for sharing :)

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    Okey, cheers!

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    One mors question, where can I get the ROBOTO font? Tried various sites, such as, ut couldnt find it there.
    Cheers again!

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    very nice! well done man!

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    georgeous! thnx for sharing :)

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    I’m making one for Nexus 7! :D

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    The psd won’t open in GIMP? it says something about an unsupported compression rate or something idk… was hoping you could reupload one that would be GIMP compatible

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    This isn’t my style but this is still hot!

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    This is great thanks! When crop the wallpaper the redline on top of “control” is cut off. Anyone else have this problem?

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Date Added: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 5:11 am


It’s pretty straightforward, as usual it’s similarly built as Pie UI in terms of resizing, just align it :)

I used Nova Launcher with 7×7 Grid.

Controls// 7 1×1 SwitchPro Widget (You can change the icons by opening the app and you’ll find “Change icon”

Time// UCCW file named “chamtime” start with 5×2 grid and resize to fit

Weather// UCCW file name “chamweaticon” start with 2×2 and resize. UCCW file name “chamweattext” start with 3×1 and resize to fit.

Play & camera// use 3×1 desktop visualizer (change the images in the psd provided if you want)
use the “blank.png” as a replacement icon so it’s transparent.


Thanks to Alex T. for introducing Chameleon Launcher to me for tablets. I figured since I will be using that launcher when I receive my nexus 7, why not use the same UI on my nexus right? Well I tried to make it look as simple and as much Chameleon hint in the design as possible.