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  • torge176

    nice, what icons did you used?

  • tiagosequeira

    @r UCCW skin please?

  • rgarzamarcos

    @torge176 holo dark icons

  • rgarzamarcos

    @tiagosequeira i’ve already posted it in the sidebar

  • garyarts

    @rgarzamarcos really unique clock, like it!

  • stacio88

    Where did you get the icon for messages? Its not included in the halo dark icon folder.

  • rgarzamarcos

    @garyarts thanks!

  • rgarzamarcos

    @stacio88 I modified it a bit, just removed the happy face from it

  • stacio88

    Alright thanks. What about the uccw skin, can’t seem to figure it out. It downloads as a .bin file.

  • rgarzamarcos

    @stacio88 you must be doing something wrong here, i’ve just downloaded it to try and it is a .uzip file and works correctly

  • claiborne

    i like the clock and walls. thanks for sharing

  • rgarzamarcos

    @claiborne glad you like it!

  • MissionImprobable


    Your UCCW may not be working for others depending on if you’re on JB/ICS/GB and they’re on something else.

  • rgarzamarcos

    @MissionImprobable thanks for letting me know it never occurred to me

  • stacio88

    Figured it out. Just renamed it to a .zip file and all works well. Thanks for sharing this cool setup.

  • rgarzamarcos

    @stacio88 thanks! glad it worked

Date Added: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 11:29 pm

just a really simple setup
UCCW with a custom skin for the analog clock