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Screen Of the Day on 08/22/2012
  • yihaomizhijia


  • xiangqianchong


  • Zenplus
  • xiangqianchong

    @Zenplus Thanks

  • Mujodroid

    great work :) keep it up

  • xiangqianchong

    @Mujodroid Thank you

  • xNiikk


  • xiangqianchong

    @xNiikk Thank you, I am your fans

  • Rofro96


  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 22/08/12

  • xiangqianchong
  • regi458

    Can you share the uccw files and the wallpaper?
    Please, I really love it. It’s awesome. :D
    Thank you. :D

  • xiangqianchong
  • blueyedsoul25

    @xiangqianchong details please? I love this!!

  • cvdesignlab

    nice one buddy :)

  • faseeh_rehman
  • dis3nchant3d

    can you share it?

  • xiangqianchong

    @cvdesignlab Thanks ,Ha ha :)

  • xiangqianchong

    @regi458 @dis3nchant3d No problem,Please leave your mailbox

  • emy81059

    please send detail

  • lefiafan

    Beautiful colors!

  • garyarts

    this really fits my style, congrat, man

  • xiangqianchong

    @lefiafan @garyarts Thanks ,You praise my pleasure

  • 11mi


  • xiangqianchong

    @11mi Thank you

  • joshpfosi, please share this!

  • ChelcieP

    please share :

  • Thorbjorn

    Beautiful! Could you please share the wallpaper?

  • xiangqianchong

    @joshpfosi @ChelcieP @Thorbjorn Has been sent to your mailbox, Please Check your email

  • MrEyeScreaam

    Please share! Thanks!

  • xiangqianchong

    @MrEyeScreaam Please Check your email

  • mrcanant
    thanks! wonderful work!

  • xiangqianchong

    @mrcanant Check your email,Please

  • brownstein

    Can you share it, please?

  • xiangqianchong

    No problem!

  • minjfish

    你好! 很美! do you mind sharing uccw file with me too? 謝謝!

  • xiangqianchong

    @minjfish 你的支持是我的动力,谢! 已E-MAIL请查收

  • joshpfosi

    I cannot open the UCCW files and I have uccw installed :(

  • jjy

    Can you share the uccw files and the wallpaper? 谢谢

  • xiangqianchong

    @jjy 外出,需要等到星期天才能发,谢谢支持!

  • lordtonmoy

    Please share! Thanks!

  • Android_Bordelais

    Hi! Can you share the uccw files and the wallpaper please ?

  • thejoycething

    I also would like to see the files. Much thanks.

  • AbhixperianeoV


  • siddhutsg
  • MrOGsonic

    Awesome job. I love the colors!
    If you have time can I please get the files? :-)

  • suho

    Please …
    …awesome…. ㅜㅜ

  • MichaBee

    Love it! Could I bother you for the wallpaper? xx

  • Vetro

    Great!!!!!!!!! Can i have the file please???

  • iamwhatiam

    just plain, simple, elegant.
    the way i like it !
    and please share the files and wallpaper >

  • emy81059

    hi,please share the wall and uccw?

    my email

  • Android_Bordelais

    Hi! Can you share the uccw files and the wallpaper please. My mail :

  • spickett123

    I love it! Can you please share the wallpaper and uccw’s — thanks!

  • joshpfosi

    uccw keeps failing please share again! thanks,

  • hayyee

    It’s beautiful!! Can you share the wallpaper and the uccw please?

  • mino316

    It’s very very lovely!!.
    plz send detail..

  • xiangqianchong

    @lordtonmoy @AbhixperianeoV @siddhutsg @MrOGsonic @suho
    Has been sent to your mailbox, Please Check your email

  • xiangqianchong

    @MichaBee @Vetro @iamwhatiam @Android_Bordelais @spickett123
    Has been sent to your mailbox, Please Check your email

  • xiangqianchong

    @joshpfosi @hayyee @mino316
    Has been sent to your mailbox, Please Check your email

  • ahpork

    Hi, can you share the wallpaper with me? Thanks in advance! My email is as follows:

  • coolakshy

    can u share the detail files
    Thanks in advance
    Btw The theme is awesummmmmmmm

  • joshpfosi

    Do you mind sharing the hex code for those colors?

  • xiangqianchong

    @ahpork @coolakshy
    Oh, I hope not just to receive my files,If this is the case, I am really very sad

  • regi458

    Can you share the files?
    My e-mail:

  • xiangqianchong

    @regi458 Please

  • mino316

    thanks.. i receive..
    give a heart!!^^

  • xiangqianchong

    :-) thank you!I hope you Really like

  • emy81059

    tnx for file

  • alekhkhanna

    Looks really nice. Possible to share the files ?
    Thanks !

  • Sarout113

    i like this so much:
    can you share it please:

  • Cangrejoloco

    Wow man this is awesome, I hope you can share this with me too

  • ettelgae

    me too, can you kindly share the files… thanks! and btw, really clean and fun looking screen!

  • xiangqianchong
  • shooringstar

    would you share your theme?
    it’s my mail

  • titans10

    excellent work

  • lilong

    WOW! It looks wonderful…

    Would share your theme?

    Here is my mail

  • royanthonysy

    please share it :D thanks in advance :]

  • maulana98

    pleaseee share the details and the wall and uccw skin pleasseeee :)

  • xiangqianchong

    @lilong @royanthonysy @maulana98
    Please Check your email

  • sangyoon

    Wow, It’s amazing!!
    Please share the details(including wallpapers and uccw skins). I lovin’ it! Thank you!
    Your skin is very perfect!!

  • xiangqianchong

    Thank you!Has been sent to your mailbox

  • sangyoon

    I’m happy to get it!
    Very Very Thank you!

  • ivanfarhan

    please share the details and the wall and uccw skin pleasseeee :)
    Thanks. :)

  • cincaw

    nice…can u share the file?thx..

  • tiagosequeira

    Files please, love this !

  • rrohanjs

    someone send me the files too
    thnx a lot

  • seabeam

    非常有意境,天气图标是自己做的么?如果有的话可以发到我邮箱么? 谢谢!~

  • xiangqianchong

    @ivanfarhan @cincaw @rrohanjs @seabeam UCCW皮肤壁纸等文件已将发到邮箱,请查收!

  • Hak274

    Can you explain me how to get it?

  • twornz

    @xiangqianchong would be brilliant if you can throw the files my way too please :)
    Thanks! :)

  • xiangqianchong

    @Hak274 @twornz The file is sent to the mailbox

  • goluekta

    will u plz send me iles on

    thx in adv

  • Aureaule

    Thank you ^^

  • rrohanjs

    thanx for sending :)

  • amalcns

    please send me the wallpaper and uccw files and if you could also a tutorial
    tnx in advance;)

  • AbhixperianeoV
  • maninder

    lovely ,
    can u please send me details

  • rrohanjs

    hey can you please explain how do i set the uccw, i set b1 skin but i dont see the weather icons it, which folder do i have to put it in ?

  • xiangqianchong

    @rrohanjs The weather icon Files on—->SDcard/UltimateCustomClockWidget/weather

  • xiangqianchong

    @amalcns @maninder @AbhixperianeoV The file is sent to the mailbox

  • ChristopherLK

    please send me the wallpaper and uccw files
    thx a lot:)

  • wjdrmrcjs

    please share the wallpaper and uccw skin

  • wensonsmith


  • numerouknow

    great work!!!
    can you pls share the wallpaper?

  • reggie

    selfish 4 ever

  • xiangqianchong

    @wensonsmith 谢谢捧场!呵呵,正是,来自gfan论坛

  • xiangqianchong
  • sensayur

    can you share that wallpaper please…

  • hien712

    can you share it please?
    thank you very much :D

  • buniu520

    Very beautiful I am Chinese friend likes to share why thank you Please:

  • rrohanjs

    i dint get the weather icons in the mail ? is it inside somewher i cant find it, sorry

  • rrohanjs

    thanx a lot, got your mail now

    one more thing, how do i set the battery icon in the first uccw and how do i set the icons in those blue circles in the second uccw

  • muyangkai


  • sossio18

    can u share uccw skin pls? my mail:

  • amalcns

    tnx heart given..:)

  • hien712

    ty very much, red heart given :D

  • todd

    hi can you share pls UCCW skin pls my:

  • Taieb

    Can you send me the wallpaper and the icons to this adress pleaaaaase
    Great work!

  • widhiw

    Can you share the wallpaper? Awesome screen! I like it.

  • maulana98

    can u sshare the details,wallpaper,and uccw skin to me pleasseeeeee :),my email

  • xiangqianchong
  • shooringstar

    please share it..

  • darkpunk

    Uccw please thanks

  • kedahsedewa

    uccw love it,can u share for me ? thank u

  • zenn93

    Uccw and wallpaper please thanks

  • ely_laila

    Hello, could you share the uccw files and the wallpaper please? Thank you!

  • ansh_gupta99

    mate can u plz mail me wallpaper and uccw skin ? my id is

  • kimoshow

    Please share the wallpaper and uccw skin
    My email

  • vikasverma

    please share uccw skin and wallpaper.

  • sassal

    send wallpaper to me please :)

  • amitshrikulkarni

    Nice one. Can you please share the UCCW details?

  • jasonchiu28

    Can you mail me the wallpaper and uccw skin?

    Thank you :)

  • uiky_12

    Can you share the uccw files and the wallpaper?

  • haley


  • xiangqianchong

    More friends, file send mail

  • kedahsedewa

    thank u so much

  • xiangqianchong

    @Rabbit tutu ,谢谢!

  • jremywu

    我也想要您的桌不 跟 uccw主題?

  • DavidMKD

    Its amazing I love it , can you send the files to

  • dis3nchant3d can you send them here? thank you very much

  • Kieronboz

    Is there a reason why people don’t just include all elements when they show their theme, can you not include the wall? I would like it, perhaps a web link?

  • xiangqianchong

    Links of reasons, not directly
    I’m sorry

  • darkpunk

    @xiangqianchong uccw please

  • Raul_Roy

    @xiangqianchong Totally <3 this!
    share it me @
    please do include the weather icons and the icons on screen! thanks! :D followed and hearts! ^ ^ :D

  • darkpunk

    The weather icons??:(

  • iambrianyiuxdd

    hello:) can you share the uccw skin(with icon) , wallpaper and the icons :) here is my e-mail :

    thank you very much :)

  • darkpunk

    How do I.extract weather icon??

  • xiangqianchong

    @iambrianyiuxdd @darkpunk

  • felonius

    Please share.

  • darkpunk

    @xiangqianchong I downloaded the file but still the weather icon is not showing up ?can.u provide a sperate link for that??:(

  • xiangqianchong

    I currently do not know what the problem now where

  • LastBlessings
  • DroidXAce
  • divineboa

    like the wallpaper, could you share it, please?

  • crackoptimus
  • Rahul

    i would be very gratefull if you explain how to get it on sgs1 with resolution 480×800..wallpaper plz
    btw superawesome………
    plz reply my mailbox is

  • JYFlyBird


  • xiangqianchong

    @Rahul @crackoptimus @divineboa @LastBlessings

  • xiangqianchong

    @JYFlyBird 谢谢!现在UCCW2.0.6版本的UCCW天气没有问题,完全可以了

  • ely_laila

    Could you tell me please what font did you use?

  • xiangqianchong

    @ely_laila technic,Clockopia

  • dandylion


  • mr_nou

    thats so awesome
    could u send UCCW skin and wallpaper to mailbox?

  • felonius

    that’s nice!
    can share wall and uccw skins?

  • xiangqianchong

    @mr_nou @felonius

  • irasujamang

    very simple and and nice sets…can you share all the files?

  • arixca

    Very beautiful…please share…

  • izzydin91

    can u share uccw skin, btw how to open .uccw file? sorry still new to this =’)

  • rustyhalos

    so cute :)

  • uahmed90

    Hi! Love ur screen.. But the uccw files arent in the zip u linked.. Can u share it? Thanks!

  • Vipin_C

    @xiangqianchong Hey.. this homescreen is awesome, i luv this color.. But the dropbox link fails, shows error..
    Kindly reupload.. or mail me

  • Vipin_C

    @xiangqianchong Please send files at my box
    THANKS, the link is dead.

  • krad3434

    Could someone please send a link or the entire package to

  • Harjifangki

    Aww… The files are gone. Would you kindly re upload it please? :(
    Or send it to

  • RapidCat

    can someone send me the wallpaper and clock + icon to my mail

  • kdh2834

    Dropbox seems to be down…
    I loved ur work but no way to download:(
    Can u please send it to me? :)

  • xnaipa

    Can you please send me the UCCW Files?

    Thank you!

  • eysonme


  • yoetare

    could u please share the uccw and the wallpaper
    thank you

  • Vuxandax

    Hey could you please share the files? The link dosent work :/ Thanks!

  • StressSyndrom

    damn men, can u reupload files ?

  • rushil32 if ur not putting it back up :P thanks ..

  • nde79

    awesome! would you like to send me wallpaper and uccw files to ? thx

  • ritams

    Can you share the files plz? thxxx

  • timkoalaman

    please share to me…please

  • pummellchen

    could you share the wallpaper please

  • wtfred

    Could you send uccw and wallpaper to please?

  • yanbek95

    Can you share the files, please? Thank you!

  • anas_shafiq

    Sorry to bother you but you created such a beautiful screen so here is my email too!

  • emy81059

    on which site I find this wall style?

  • Jahmarr

    can you share uccw files please and my email is

  • lolxd123

    love it ! please send uccw

  • lazyb0ne

    Can you please send to Thanks!!!

  • ppungppang

    i love it!!♡3♡ could you please send to .
    i’ll be big fan of yours>3<♥

  • Oakcapy

    Very nice!
    Can you reupload?
    or please send it to me at

  • lnashed

    i love it! can you please share the files?

  • harrykoegh

    great work! unfortunately dropbox link from description doesn’t work anymore. can you share the files with me
    thanks in advance and keep up your good work:)

  • lazyb0ne

    Hey can you send me the files at

  • snailmachine

    Mind sharing the files with me? Thanks alot.

  • francomur99

    Hi dropbox link is not working, Can you please share the files to my email Thank you

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