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Screen Of the Day on 08/23/2012
  • pakpumipon

    very coollllllllllllll

  • garyarts

    @pakpumipon glad u like it:-)

  • mathewrice

    Very nice…!
    Are the majority of the elements included in the wallpaper?

  • pbrewer81

    Very Cool!

  • ionlyme

    Really nice!
    LOVE it!

  • garyarts

    @mathewrice yeah, buttons need icons and hotspots over them only and the weather, battery, clock bar and the app drawer in the top right corner

  • garyarts

    @pbrewer81 thanks!

  • garyarts

    @ionlyme thank you!

  • xiangqianchong

    Great feeling!!!!!!1

  • garyarts

    @xiangqianchong there now:-) thx!

  • pakpumipon

    How to do it

  • garyarts

    @pakpumipon uh, what exactly?:-)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 23/08/12

  • garyarts

    @Peachanan omg, really thanks again!

  • DSaif

    Cool concept

  • garyarts

    @DSaif thanks., glad u like it

  • omniwolf

    looks great! How did you do the temp, time, battery? is it minimalistic text? if so, can you share the font and colour code?

  • garyarts

    @omniwolf thanks. Made by uccw, font is shared in description, color code is #78c1d9

  • garyarts

    @ionlyme still 10×10 dude:-)

  • ToreOne

    Can you share the UCCW!?

  • garyarts

    @ToreOne on the way, so later, but they’re only hotsport with some icons already shared, so u could recreate sooner than I’ll be back home

  • RdsG

    Én is hadd gratuláljak! Minden munkád zseniális!

  • garyarts

    @RdsG :-)köszi, ez kedves

  • pakpumipon

    What is launcher?
    How to do it for font!
    Thank you so much

  • garyarts

    @pakpumipon first was sslauncher later launcher pro:-) Font? you mean the labels? they’re the part of the wall

  • charlsteng

    @garyarts hi gary can share all the stuff? love the this wall. I want to try it in my phone. Thank In Advance

  • garyarts

    @charlsteng hi, this is later modded version I used with LauncherPro (didn’t like sslauncher enough) Set wall and use 8×10 grid and place uccw skins to fit. Download link:

Date Added: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Wooden UI. I played with wooden textures and boxed
them into a screen:-) ZOOM! The wall I made:
Icons and font: