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  • rrohanjs

    can you give more links and details as to how to do it

  • LiFeSII

    @rrohanjs I have add the Widgets i use. Many things i bulid-in in the Wallpaper with Photoshop!

  • Borunor

    How can I download this theme on my android?
    I have to download Nova Launcher to integrate all the app you specified?

  • LiFeSII

    @Borunor i use apex launcher i can share the psd when im on my mac

  • Borunor

    @LiFeSII If you could do that would be great!
    I am waiting for the link to the psd of the theme.
    Thanks ^^

  • chamuelmod


  • LiFeSII
  • Borunor

    @LiFeSII thank you very much! It was a long time since I saw a full theme, well done and well described in all its app!

  • Borunor

    @LiFeSII how did you remove the status bar from the screen?

  • LiFeSII

    @Borunor you can hide it in apex settings

  • Borunor


  • Borunor

    @LiFeSII you know of an application that shows me the status bar by changing the color of the icons?
    I want to keep the status bar coloring it with the same colors of the theme!

  • LiFeSII

    @Borunor sorry ma english is very bad, what do you want?

  • eLbor

    can you give settings on TEAM battery bar? how can i make it glow?

  • LiFeSII

    @eLbor Change the Color :)

Date Added: Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at 4:08 am

Thanks to GaRyArTs for the idea.
Credits go to nishithv @deviantart for the Circle.

The Buttons are for:
RED: Phone
BLUE: MP3-Player
PURPLE: Play Store