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  • ksitentho

    Can you tell how to make it? The box is added on wallpaper by photoshop? thanks

  • nomarky

    Nice :)

  • Mao

    @ksitentho Yes,it’s made by Photoshop and set different wallpaper for each page in SS Launcher.

  • H_Neal

    like it

  • Amiros

    Hey ! i really like this theme but i’m having trouble on how to make it “work” on my SGS2.
    Can you ,please, help me ? Thanks !

  • joshpfosi

    Would it be possible to replicate this with Apex and Multi-live wallpaper?

  • joshpfosi

    would it be possible to replicate this with multi-live wallpaper and apex?

  • Mao

    @joshpfosi Yes,of course,I’ll upload wallpaper and psd file for you later.

  • Mao

    @Amiros OK,and can you tell me exactly how? :)

  • Mao
  • joshpfosi

    THank you for the .rar file, but I don’t know how to open/use it

  • SinDx

    Mind sharing the icons?

  • Mao

    @joshpfosi try WinRAR, you can download it from anywhere :) .

  • Mao
Date Added: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Another Aero effect set,hope you could like it.

All by SS Launcher except Any.DO widget (mod by myself).