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  • InertProtocol

    Where can i get this wallpaper?.

  • mojojojo113


  • Bolshoie

    Yes…wallpaper please :)

  • russcausier

    Wallpaper please

  • jamir5

    nice set up. you used uccw on thdm wallpaper part and icons on the side?

  • KenyadasGalaxy

    My only suggestion would be to leave it alone, it looks great!

  • RichieKILLS

    What launcher is this?

  • electric00l

    I think UCCW weather will no longer work since it relies on iGoogle which unfortunately was already discontinued. Can anyone suggest a similar weather widget we can fully customize?

  • Taieb

    @electric00I install the latest uccw version (2.0.6) from here because the version in the play store is outdated. Weather is working fine!

  • http:[email protected] crimsonite

    great look! what did you use for the top notification bar? I like its minimalistic look.

Date Added: Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Icons, pictures and black boxes are all part of the Wallpaper.
The widgets used are as followed.
Beautiful Widgets (weather 4×1)
Minimal Reader Pro

This is still a Work in progress, but I really needed a screen that basically details everything for me…
Please give me feedback! :D