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  • Aureaule

    Hey! Can you post the widget locker theme?
    Looks great, love the colours!

  • ladyk74

    @Aureaule thanks ;-) Sure here is the link to the widgetlocker theme:

  • donjeffa

    Amazing UCCW clock! Can you post that amazing clock please?

  • ladyk74

    @donjeffa thanks and here is the link to the ucccw clock:

  • donjeffa

    Thanks. I look forward to see more for the GS3

  • seko_fresh

    can you share the wallpaper?

Date Added: Friday, August 31st, 2012 at 3:37 am

Softcolors. Social network direct dial tree with overlays for each photo achieved with desktop visualizer. On top is a facebook status widget from APW. Lockscreen with UCCW widget and styled unlocker from widgetlocker app.. Apex Launcher and minimal icons.