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  • ricciolo

    Nice! can u share Weather, Date/clock & Battery Widgets ? Thx

  • LiFeSII

    @ricciolo Weather is FancyWidgets Free, Clock are One More Clock Free and Battery on LS is SimiClock Widget, on HS its UCCW without the red ribbon

  • betinho

    Widget power control?

  • LiFeSII

    @betinho you mean the quick panel?? its Power Toggles

  • xiangqianchong


  • LiFeSII

    @xiangqianchong Thank you :)

  • mcoblefias

    Hi LiFeSII! how about the notifications at the bottom what did you use?

  • LiFeSII

    @mcoblefias its Missed it!

  • Astro

    hey can you share your icons, specially the menu icon. This is sweet by the way.

  • LiFeSII

    @Astro I have to look because i deleted the iconset… the Menu icon i made in Photoshop and its build-in in the Wallpaper

Date Added: Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 at 10:41 pm

My new Screen.
Hope you like it!!