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  • imported0

    Awesome! Can you share the icons? Also, how did you change the look of the buttons?

  • AlisCZ

    @imported0 Icons added in description. Only these 4 and appdrawer though.
    I use AOKP rom. There is an option in settings for changing image of nav buttons. Or you can change it manualy. Just pull /System/app/SystemUI.apk and edit in 7zip.

  • imported0

    @AlisCZ Can you make an icon for camera?

  • AlisCZ

    @imported0 What about PSD file? Would that do it?

  • imported0

    @AlisCZ Naah, I suck at photoshop :/

  • AlisCZ

    @imported0 Ok. I made one for you. It’s in dropbox folder.

  • imported0

    @AlisCZ Thank you very much :))

  • AlisCZ

    @imported0 No problem ;)

  • ac3

    nice one

  • SensationNation

    Stunning. What font did you use for the screen?

  • AlisCZ

    @SensationNation Thanks. The font is called Existence Light.

  • Forsakened

    Awesome home screen! Can I request a WhatsApp Icon, if possible? :)

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Not really informative but I like it anyway.
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