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  • jamir5

    awesome dude, what app you use for editing?

  • 6_lukas_6

    Nice, can you share uccw and psd data?

  • peszek

    @jamir5 Thanks! In first sorry for my english. I didn’t use any special apps for editing.
    All the card parts are made on the phone by UCCW + widgets. UCCW is card background and other widget imposes on it.
    The icons of applications shortcuts are built-in in wallpaper and on it I used invisible icon.
    @Lukas Thanks! I don’t save psd data only jpeg file.
    All files are here:

  • lnsean

    could you please share skin for UCC for the missed calls/email/sms. I’m new to android and customization and having trouble working with UCC to come out the way i want it to. THanks in advance.

  • peszek

    @lnsean put this .uzip to uccwOutput folder and then import skin :)

  • icarus_me

    This is a great theme, but i can’t unzip those .uzip files. Can you upload them as the original .uccw files?

  • peszek

    Why do you want unzip uzip file? Just put uzip file to your phone and then in uccw app import that skin ;-)

  • AlisCZ

    I just love the idea. Dude this is really awesome and nicely put together.

  • peszek

    I@AlisCZ Thank you

  • litso

    Really like your layout, I was trying to set it up but I can’t get the UCCW background to line up properly. Could you provide the following information?:
    1. Launcher
    2. Grid Size
    3. Margin Size
    4. UCCW Widget Size


  • peszek

    @Nick Conner This is setup for SGS II :
    Apex Launcher Pro
    -Grid: 9×8
    -H Margin: none
    -V Margin: none
    -Transition effect: flip
    -Wallpaper mode: single screen (non-scrolling)
    -Hide dock
    -Hide status bar
    -Resize any widgets
    -Overlapping widgets
    Uccw resize to 6×4
    That’s all ;)

  • litso

    Thanks for the details! I always have difficulty getting these things sized right. Great layout!

    Unfortunately I still can’t get the dang widget to size properly. The background must not be exactly the right resolution for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • nervah

    Looks good. =) Could not quite get it to align properly on my One X, but love the concept.

  • equishd

    @Peszek exactly how did you get the flipping motion ?

  • equishd
  • ugiimen

    wow, very nice!
    Plz can you share the wall from the cards?!

  • icarus_me

    @peszek hmm, that’s what i’ve been doing but it just freezes on the UCCW edit screen. I get two options “back” and “cancel”. Maybe the import feature is broken on my phone (Galaxy S3)

  • Malte

    nice theme :)
    is there any chance to get the wallpaper (just the wallpaper) ?

  • peszek
  • jamir5

    my eyes stuck on this for quite sometime tryin to figure out what you did. =p
    your designs are impressive.
    keep it up man.

Date Added: Sunday, September 9th, 2012 at 2:08 am

Hope U like it ;)

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