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Screen Of the Day on 09/13/2012
  • phoenixwave

    Nice as usual my friend.

  • garyarts

    @phoenixwave :-)thank you

  • mathewrice

    Another excellent display of talent…!
    With all these layouts/themes you showcase, it makes me wonder if you actually use your phone(s) as a phone if you’re spending a good amount of the time customizing them :-P

  • garyarts

    @mathewrice thanks. Well, as I spend my time mainly with designing in the daytime as my job I just using inspiration I meet during work. So I like to see them on the screen of my phone. And yes, I use my device to make phone calls and many others on the go:-)) Thanks again

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 13/09/12

  • garyarts

    @Peachanan oh, thanks, man!

  • Sappo

    got to love this one

  • garyarts

    @Sappo thx!

  • phoenixwave

    Grats Gary ;)

  • garyarts

    @phoenixwave thanks! kudos:-)

  • MrOGsonic

    Ah stupid website and the new ads. It’s really annoying trying to navigate on mobile now.
    Took me like 5 tries for the website to bring me here. Kept on sending me to other screens.
    Well anyways GREAT JOB on this one :-)

  • garyarts

    @MrOGsonic :-) thanks!

  • NeoTeamPassion

    What’s that line above the icons?

  • garyarts

    @NeoTeamPassion that’s a battery bar

  • NeoTeamPassion

    Right but UCCW or another app?

  • garyarts

    @NeoTeamPassion uccw

  • NeoTeamPassion

    If it’s not too much trouble, can you please share it? I’ve been looking high and low and can’t seem to locate one.

  • NeoTeamPassion

    GaRyArTs I think I got it. Thanks for this wonderful skin :)

  • garyarts

    @NeoTeamPassion you’re welcome and enjoy!

Date Added: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 7:21 pm

My another wooden theme.9×7 grid on Apex. Zoom!
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