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  • mathewrice

    +1 for Release :-P

  • Mlhboss

    Please release

  • CypherOne

    Please relase :D

  • dannycardoz

    release…!!!!!!!!!! :) sweeet icon set bro

  • ijbarah

    thank you guys

    need more Rate >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • sathishd01

    great icons . Please release .

  • mathewrice

    @ijbarah Are you on deviantart or dribbble cause you might not get much response here for people simply requesting the icons. (or what number are you looking for? :-P)
    I think there are more novice users here that don’t even know how to change the display of an icon than user who appreciate great design :-P

  • ijbarah

    @mathewrice im nothing just like to work much


  • titans10

    clean lookin icons. Hope you release em.

  • ijbarah

    @titans10 thank you

    and i will release them soon

  • sipher6

    great work guy

  • ijbarah

    @sipher6 Thank you :)

  • ijbarah

    here you go guys. I’m still working with other staff soon i finish i will update the pack again. enjoy :)

  • illuminat3d

    More icons please :)

Date Added: Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 11:37 pm

Sroun by me ..

This is my first icon pack hope you like… :)
if its too much rate i will release the pack.