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Screen Of the Day on 09/19/2012
  • nikk

    @LiNks: Thx! :)

  • erguillermin

    I like

  • NEBeek


  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 19/09/12

  • goffybrtk

    please – share that uccw skin :)

  • nikk

    @ erguillermin: Thx!
    @ NEBeek: Thx!
    @ Peachanan: Thx! :D

  • nikk

    @ Goffy: The skin is rather simple, the background (colored bar, battery icon) is on the wallpaper, the actual information (text) is than added in with uccw. So the skin is not that usefull i suppose..

  • goffybrtk

    so please, share that wallpaper :D

  • mathewrice

    Nice and Clean, love it!


    so cool. very nice!

  • AT428HK

    COOL! I love the details! Does the batt really decreasing or it’s just an icon?

  • nikk

    @ ALEX T.
    Right now it’s just an icon. I guess I could do it in uccw, but it means alot of fiddling around with the right positioning and sizing. It would be awesome if uccw gave the possibility to blend in the background while editing a skin.

  • nikk
  • izjenyu

    what a screen~~!! may you share the icon sets? and how do i replace the system icon with yours? thank you

  • manxox
  • chiri3008

    I love this setup. Very good job my friend!!! oh and thanks for sharing the wallpaper

  • ChucKN0risK

    Could you share the wallpaper please ? :)

  • Deruziel

    Please – Share the icon :)

  • vintage89

    It is amazing theme) great job) I think a customize my desktop too)

  • Aly007

    Amazing work !

  • jake23nicholas

    is there a way to download these themes or do you have to create them on your home. Sorry im new to this site

  • Etherius

    You gotta let us know what icon pack that is. Awesome setup.

  • nikk

    @ Etherius: These are my own icons, uploaded them here:

  • ogoy


  • dhkx

    Love it. What font is this?

  • oemstyla

    what´s the name of the font? :)

  • thkilvr

    I cant make it to change between the 3 backgrounds :S

  • NeXoR

    Hi Nikk,

    great Screen! :)
    But I have a question:
    Is it possible, that you would make “more icons”?
    I use them – they are great, but I would need a Icon for a flashlight, Dropbox etc. :)

    So, is that possible?


Date Added: Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Inspired by Paulo Cardoso’s “ICS Elements” which you can see here:

Tailored it for my needs, hope you like it! :)