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  • HellGuardian

    Very good, but you forgot to show us on the video how do you change the lock screen ^_^
    and we still didnt see any of your videos on Mobilegeeks channel as you promised :(

  • Wicked4u2c

    @HellGuardian Please see my “How to Theme your Android Phone like a Super Boss” – for the lockscreen. Also, I am no longer producing videos for Mobile Geeks.

  • Erez123


  • houba

    @wicked4u2c ! amazing :) keep them coming !

  • subabaduba

    That’s fantastic!!! Great job there Armando :)

  • Shrik

    No Offense, but i have a problem here.
    First off, m using a Galaxy S Advance. Got most of the things working from this theme on my phone. Except for the fact that Nova Launcher isnt supported *phone is still on android – gingy, no custom roms, no official update to either 4.0, 4.1*
    So m stuck with the SEND TO BACK thingy.
    next is Google drive, i dont actually use the cloud, so is there any replacement for these two?
    *i did tried adw as well as go launcher as you mentioned in super boss vid, but that dint worked*

    Other things are just awesome.

  • Kamillo

    Hey Wicked4u2c, you make a really good job here! Thanks for the Tutorial Vid and please check out my modified Version for the Samsung Galaxy S3. I did a Lockscreen for the New Pie UI i think that would look better than the old one. Please keep your good work up! ;)

  • Wicked4u2c

    @Kamillo Awesome, I had to tweak it to make it work on my Nexus. I also fixed the circles as they were a bit cut from top and bottom but this definitely looks great!

  • MoonsEye

    How do i set the 3 homesreens ?

  • Kamillo

    Thanks Man and good to know about my fails xD

    Here is the fixed nexus version for the lockscreen, i hope you like it! :)

  • Waleedovic

    i couldn’t make the left and right wallpapers fits correctly, i used wallpaper wizard and didn’t work!. Any help? (Galaxy S3).

  • Wicked4u2c

    @Waleedovic I would ask @kamillo since he has a Galaxy S3. You probably have to edit the files to make it work properly, sorry I don’t own a GS3

  • Waleedovic

    @Wicked4u2c thanks, i edited the psd files and it worked!

  • Thanak

    My Edited Screen for Xperia arc/S
    Thank for your Mega Boss Week

  • cmonty

    HI! Is the widget “Library” introduced by Google Play Music or by CM10?

  • Wicked4u2c

    @cmonty It’s a Jelly Bean widget from Google.

  • a1miii

    @Waleedovic Mind sharing ;-)? This theme on a GS3 must be awesome!

  • vlasveld

    Any chance anyone would be able to make/share a version of this wallpaper but without the current condition weather part? I’d rather have something else in there.

  • cmonty


    In order to use that widget, I need to run Jelly Bean meaning CM10?
    What is the name of the widget?
    Is it correct that the effective usage of that Google widget implies that I need to sync my local library with Google?
    Do you know any similar widget that only scans my local drive?

  • mcangeli

    I was able to replace the UCCW widget with the location and current condition with Minimalistic Txt Premium. Now my location updates automatically….

    Love this theme, it fits a little odd on the Galaxy Note, but it works and is functional…

  • santiboss

    do you know another app to have different wallpapers?? the one that you use doesnt work in my phone

  • newbcake

    I would make this but i’m a lazy shit so I probably won’t. Very cool though!

  • DjCalvin

    Love it – Thank you!

  • Fadeel

    i don’t find dark pie wallpaper in your zip file

  • rockenllk

    Hi Wicked4u2c
    thanks for the great theme and I have applied it to my galasy s3
    but as a newbie , I can’t figure out how to implement the uccw skin on my device
    (I couldn’t find out the uzip file … all the files are .uccw)
    sorry for this stupid question
    and thanks in advance :)

  • Raymond111

    @Wicked4u2c There no way that I can change the name of the categories? :/

  • eZaCx

    Here is a crossover between the new and old one. What do you think, wicked?

    Honestly, this one you released has less functionality on the front screen than the previous version. I am not fond of putting on many large (and quite franky, useless widgets) so I like to stick to one page ;)

  • benrowe5

    what theme do you use for uccw because i did exactly as you did specifically nd tried an alternative method and both ways i couldn’t get the app to find the westher icons even wen i tried looking manually :/

  • cmonty


    What widget is used on left screen to display the library (as seen in the HowTo video at 7:20) with all the album covers?


  • korset

    Sorry, but I might be blind and deaf .but I cant find out what grid you are using. Help , tip anyone? Supercool by the way!

  • harise100

    Thank you for the awsome theme. Ported it to Nexus 7 with some modification:

  • malayar

    NICE Work

  • Amitkathe25

    But how to download this dark pie UI, I can’t see download option

  • tardao

    thanks for your work and tutorial! I’ve modified it just a little bit for my htc one x

  • Wicked2u4c

    Wicked, Please Help! Nova launcher isn’t compatible with my phone and I want this theme! Unfortunately when I tried with ADW or GO Launcher, it doesn’t seem to be able to find the restore files. Any Suggestions?

  • iceman600

    i tried this on my galaxy note 2 and the wall paper wont align to the grid… having a hard time resizing widgets. i will try resizing the wallpaper. anyone kno whats the size of the GN2 wallpaper? thanks

  • abhi_arora

    @Wicked4u2c I am not able to open the PSD files.

  • suquetpaul

    @Wicked4u2c I am not able to open the PSD source files either. (Im using Gimp, but Gimp SHOULD open those PSDs). Any ideas?

  • DragonGamerist

    @Wicked4u2c can i get a blank file image for a background wallpaper without any lines? i am wanting to mix up your Ubuntu Boss and Mega Boss theme and want to add more screens. thanks if you can reply!

  • DragonGamerist

    @suquetpaul just download this: run it, in the directory, put it in Local Drive (C drive) and run photoshop cs6 portable

  • Bananapi3

    @Wicked4u2c i downloaded the zip file and installed it onto my sd card, but for the weather uccw widget, im not seeing it in the list, the files there, but not the widget itself, please help

  • priteshrv

    this is nice theme i never seen before..
    plz any one cn tell me that how to apply this on my galaxy y..
    plz …i love this theme..plz tell me…

  • http:[email protected] 1nf1n1t1

    @Bananapi3 If you are installing it on your external SD card then that wont work, well not for me anyway, I copied the folders to my internal phone card and that worked for me


Date Added: Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 2:52 am

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