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  • semati

    Great work man!

  • garyarts

    @semati thx!

  • mdjurov

    Super!Nice work.

  • garyarts

    @mdjurov thank you

  • garyarts

    the wall only: (since I can’t save changes in edit mode because of an unknown reason):

  • sunnyapple

    I dont know why cant i down load .could u share me its beautiful i love it thanx a lot

  • garyarts

    @sunnyapple thanks and you LOVE it:-) try again, here’s the link:

  • bill11222

    another gem. hey gary. since the last apex update when i try to use an apex screenshot for wallpaper, i get a zoomed in result. before the update i did not have this problem. are you having this issue?

  • garyarts

    @bill11222 frankly I dunno, I use cm9 screenshot

  • bill11222

    you guys with your photoshop and rooted phones think you better than us folks with unrooted phones…just kidding :) thanks for the getback gary

  • garyarts

    @bill11222 :-)) no, I just hate touchwiz, cm interface is much better (and more customizable, too), my HTC devices were never rooted

  • titans10

    me likey

  • garyarts

    @titans10 thx!

  • hain

    The denim design is very suited!
    It is beautiful ^^

  • garyarts

    @hain thank you!

Date Added: Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 at 2:05 am

My denim interface. ZOOM! On Apex.The wall, Icons, and uccw skin: