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  • mhusain83

    please can you share the required files.

  • semati
  • ricciolo

    @semati : how do you set multipicture live WP to obtain this? ;-)

  • semati

    @ricciolo just go to multipicture Live/settings/screen 1 settings/picture source/single picture/select the picture which one you want to use/then ”set wallpaper”/then go to launcher/homescreen settings/manage screens & choose this screen.

  • spickett123

    So colorful!! Beautiful work!

  • semati

    @spickett123 Thanks…

  • overbyte

    i like this!

  • semati

    @overbyte Thanks! Glad you like it.

  • A_Random_screenShot

    Looks good man. I like the full image icons. An instant classic!

  • semati

    @A_Random_screenShot Thanks a lot!

  • manxox

    i’m really like this
    can u pts : sms –> icon of grid applications and E-mail –> SMS
    after that share wallpaper,thanks

  • dudeitsarii

    @Semati how can i change the clock to 12 hours instead of 24?

  • Xpl0ziV9

    what size do these widgets need to be? They don’t seem to fit correctly for me.

  • semati

    @Xpl0ziV9 i dont remember lol! But it might be 4×2.

Date Added: Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 at 1:48 am

MyColorNexus :)

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