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  • colgate

    how to do that? can u moe explains? thanks

  • Powderhauser

    set this as wallpaper and then you just have to play around with uccw and transparent simi folders

    7×7 screen layout on nova launcher

  • thomp89

    Nice Setup :)

  • Powderhauser

    @thomp89 ty

  • Rahul

    can u please share the hex codes n alpha values for each of the colour…???
    thank you

  • colgate

    @Powderhauser: ty, will gonna find this out…. is awesome…

  • Powderhauser

    @Rahul ill post them up tonight

  • Powderhauser

    @Rahul blue: 00B1DC green: 7FEC4D pink/red: F04C6A Yellow: FCBA05 or FCDA2B (the color is slightly different between “games” and “maps”

  • Rahul

    thanks @powderhauser
    plz tell how to resize the wallpaper correctly to fit Samsung galaxy S
    screen resolution 480X800 i guess

  • arrioch

    Nice!! I was trying to fit that clock, but couldn’t get it to work properly on Apex.

  • Powderhauser

    @Rahul when i choose it as wallpaper i choose the cropping area and then i move the whole area to the top of the wallpaper (cuz it was by default in the very middle). it should work because I got this from the original XUI which is on Galaxy S. hope that helps.

  • Powderhauser

    @arrioch Thanks. It took forever for me to resize the clock and put it in the right place.

  • piero79

    can i have wallpaper for galaxy s3??????


  • Powderhauser

    @piero79 I think this should work (its the only one i have)

  • hellom0t0

    Anyone have that backgroundcan share, neither dropbox link works for me, says file was removed.

  • Powderhauser

    @hellom0t0 this should work

  • hellom0t0

    thanks a bunch^^

  • LadyDI

    Looks wildly unique. Now I need a purple and black theme. :-)

  • Powderhauser

    @LadyDI thanks !

  • robisaks

    Is there a place to get the config for UCCW?

Date Added: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 at 9:20 am

A revised version of XUI by Arrioch with the Analog clock from PIEui