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  • phoenixwave

    I like this quite a bit. Well done!

  • GioCIM

    great! could you tell me where i can find the “carbon look” background image of your wallpaper? thanks!

  • spickett123

    Beautiful work!

  • kangjioh


  • kocai

    @GioCIM got this from blackbearblanc stash some time ago. It should be the same.

  • blackbearblanc

    Thanks for using my stuff. Good work. Black

  • cjohnson481

    @deuxani do you have another link for download? everytime i try and download from that site, there is an error, or it will not even pull up through chrome or internet explorer.

  • omniwolf

    Thanks for a great home screen setup, and thanks for makign it so easy to replicate. Your download pack worked perfectly

  • deuxani

    Sorry for the late response guys, I was on a holiday the last week and a half.

    It’s really nice to hear you like it :) I started this design because I see so many beautiful entries here on MyColorScreen, but I couldn’t find one which gave me all the info I needed: time, date, battery percentage, weather forecast, multiple upcoming calendar appointments and week number.

    @GioCIM you can find the wallpaper in the download link in the description or on the right side if you click Wallpaper. You can also find it here:

    @cjohnson481 I’ve uploaded the package on SendSpace, I hope you can download it from there:

  • cjohnson481

    @deuxani thanks, that one worked! strangely, download kept coming up unsuccessful on my Nexus, but downloaded it to my computer and then threw it into my dropbox. awesomely clean screen, been waiting to get the components, so i could use it on my phone!

  • gianogav

    What are your settings for rows and columns? I’m at 7×7 on nova launcher and the calendar is appearing off center when I place the simple calendar widget. Besides that, I’m loving the theme! Good work!

  • SawxFan15

    Any chance you could make this for Nexus 7? The top 2 widgets colored lines don’t stretch to the device’s full width! :( (AWESOME theme, though!)

  • omniwolf

    @deuxani absolutely! This is why I chose this theme as well, it’s so hard to find a nice theme that includes a calendar. Half the time i have to just put it on a second home screen, but if the theme has a crazy wallpaper sometimes even that’s not appropriate.

    @gianogav try 5×5, that’s what I had to scale it down to to make it work.

  • deuxani

    @cjohnson481 I’ve been having those problems too with most downloading sites. Sometimes it will start downloading but mostly it will end unsuccessful on my Nexus. I’m glad you got it working through your computer instead :)

    @gianogav I’m using Apex Launcher, so I don’t know the most perfect setup for Nova. I hope Nick’s solution works out for you. If not, could you show me a screenshot of what goes wrong, as Simple Calendar Widget is highly customizable, so I think it will be possible to get rid of the off centering.

    @SawxFan15 Glad to hear you like the theme :) I would need a Nexus 7 to test it and sadly I don’t have one available to do that. Could you also show a screenshot so I might be able to instruct you how to enlarge the lines yourself.

    @omniwolf that was exactly my problem :) I love beautiful and colorful wallpapers that have something going on, but it almost always never works with text (like calendar appointments) on top of it. I’m happy I could help you out with this :)

  • cjohnson481

    @deuxani could you help me with one thing? how would i create another line below the “week” portion for notifications, as i am using this as my lockscreeen with WidgetLocker and have the MissedIt app running my notifications under the week portion? im new to UCCW and wanting to learn how to do things in it. perhaps a blue dot and line, with the word “Notifications” to go with it.

Date Added: Friday, September 28th, 2012 at 7:15 pm

I’ve created the wallpaper and the Ultimate Custom Clock Widgets myself and did some styling on Simple Calendar. The icons are Suave and the launcher is Apex (I have it set to Margins: None for the homescreen. For the dock Horizontal margin: None and Vertical margin: Large).
Here is the full package with the ReadMes included: or