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  • checker007

    Nice and thanks

  • todd_10

    Love that wallpaper, so bright!!!

  • ugiimen

    Thank you Todd

  • ugiimen

    Thank You Checker007

  • django23

    can you link that wallpaper in “clean” version?

  • django23
  • duca

    It’s amazing mate :)

  • MissYoochun

    LOVE IT^^

  • empol

    what’s the clock name ?

  • ugiimen

    Yes, you need invisible slider. ( Widget locker standard)
    than you created uccw skin is is realy simple, Font name is “PortagoITC TT” please google for download

    That is all ;-)

  • gamemiemoo11


  • luqittaspaternal

    any posibility to have this wl skin ? i only can put at the top of the screen non in the bottom . can you help me ? sorry for my bad english

Date Added: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 11:27 pm

My joke lockscreen ;-)