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  • NEBeek

    Wallpaper please.

  • blueyedsoul25

    Awesome job! Can you please share details and setup? Why does no one do this?! lol

  • barcelooon


  • semati

    @blueyedsoul25 @barcelooon

  • semati

    @NEBeek @blueyedsoul25 I added the details & files,Just read up please.

  • DroidXAce

    Wallpaper screen 1 please ? (clean)

  • semati
  • Ameen

    Freaking nice!

  • semati

    @Ameen Thanks a lot!

  • PlanB

    where to find those icons?

  • semati
  • ToinouAngel

    @semati Can you explain how you did the effect on the icons please?

  • semati

    @ToinouAngel they made by photoshop.

  • ToinouAngel

    I figured that, what I wanted to know was the process you followed in order to end up with the effect you have on the icons?

  • ultrAslan67

    Where i can find these uccw widget?

  • semati

    @ultrAslan67 I shared them long time description pls.

Date Added: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Apex Launcher Pro
MultiPicture LW
SwitchPro Widget
Wallpaper for screen 1:

Wallpaper for screen 2:

1-Use MultiPicture Live Wallpaper for the wallpapers.
2-Apex Launcher settings:
Manage screens: 2 pages
Grid Size: 8×5
Horizontal & vertical margin: None
Trans,t,on effect: None
Hide notification bar
Hide icon labels
Hide dock bar
Resize any widget
Overlapping widgets
Widgets in dock
3-UCCW files;

4-Use a blank icon for the icons
Cheers! :)